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    Marcella Oliver

    Copperopolis, California 

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    Marcella Oliver reviewed Cleo's Bath Trail via Pinecrest Lake Loop

    5 days ago

    Very pretty- very populated- not so well marked- not hard but seemed to be way longer/got over it pretty quick because of the lack of peacefulness/serenity/remote destination-satisfaction I seek when doing hikes like this.
    But if your already near this area than it’s worth checking out. I drove 6hrs r/t from Oakland and so for me, not really worth the distance when attempting to get away from people.

    This trail snugs along-side Pinecrest Lake, which is very busy this time of year. Today was a Thurs on July 11th and it felt like a Holiday wkend. Loud boaters, a million families taking up every inch on the beach side, and a lot of traffic on the trail. Groups. And Groups. And so many large groups of people. As I walked the trail I could not escape the constant sound of families shouting, music from boats, and kids yelling :/ And the trail is sandwiched in between holiday houses on your other side. You are not in the “wilderness”.
    The hike actually begins once you reach the North-East part of the lake and begin to traverse up the canyon towards the larger rock features. Pay attention to the faded blue/red trail markings here and there, as it’s easy to get off track.
    I appreciated this part of the trail so much more! It’s absolutely stunning! The water rushing down the canyon makes for so many photo ops!
    The pools at the top are as good as you can imagine! The water is cold but so refreshing during high 80’s high-sun temps. Just, so many people there. I didn’t want to stay long. At least for me today. This was my experience.
    On the return I took the Southern part of the loop and discovered it’s much quieter on that side. If I were to do this again I would figure out how to park in one of the neighborhoods up there closer to the beginning of the Bath Trail/rock accent, and forgo the Northern section of the trail altogether.

    Marcella Oliver saved Lake Ella

    11 days ago

    Marcella Oliver saved Rifle Peak

    11 days ago