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    Marcela Diaz

    El Paso, Texas 

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    Marcela Diaz reviewed Aztec Cave Trail

    7 days ago

    One of my favorite hikes! Done this hike many times. Love it for days where you don’t want to spend hours and hours hiking. It is rather steep but short. 2 caves at the top. The first one is always full of people, the second one is smaller and usually has less people.

    After the second cave, you can continue hiking up. To do this, you will need to use your hands to rock climb but nothing difficult. I would recommend doing this because you get a pretty nice view at the top and it’s not that much longer to get up there.

    I’m a fairly seasoned hiker and usually it takes me about 30 minutes to get to the caves. The way back down takes me about the same amount of time. There’s a lot of spots to stop and rest so I recommend bringing a snack because you will want to sit for a while and enjoy the view

    Marcela Diaz completed Aztec Cave Trail

    7 days ago

    Marcela Diaz reviewed Thousand Steps Trail

    7 days ago

    Would give this 3.5/5 but round up to 4. As others have mentioned, the beginning of the trail has small loose rocks that are a bit difficult to get through but this section doesn’t last long.

    The biggest downside of this hike is how exposed it is. No shade. If you’re going in summer like I did, take a hat, sunscreen, and lots of water. We stopped to rest at a little outhouse about halfway or 3/4 of the way up. This was one of the only shaded resting spots. Including resting time, it took us no more than 2.5 hours to reach the top. You get very nice views of central and west El Paso once you reach the top. The way back down took about an hour and a half.

    Started at 9am and we’re finished by 12:30. On the way back down it was very hot and sunny (as is expected).

    Next time I do this trail I will make sure to choose a cloudy day or start much earlier so I can be done by 11, which is around the time that it got uncomfortably warm.

    We saw no other hikers during this trail, just a family off to the distance but on a different trail so not crowded at all. Good hike, just not my favorite.

    Marcela Diaz saved Four Mile Trail

    7 days ago

    Marcela Diaz reviewed Four Mile Trail

    7 days ago

    We only had one day in Yosemite (unfortunately!). Half dome was first choice but we weren’t able to get permits.

    Our second choice was the waterfalls or this trail. I am so glad we chose this one! It was definitely challenging. Lots of switch backs but there’s amazing views of the waterfalls and the park throughout the hike. You will never be bored!

    The trail is exposed in some parts but you can find shade and a small boulder to sit and rest throughout the entire trail. It is rather steep so prepare for a leg workout.

    I’m a fairly seasoned hiker and thought it was somewhat challenging but fun. For me, the hardest part was coming down, since it is quite steep, my toes were hitting the front of my boots with each step and became pretty painful. I would recommend wearing boots that have a good amount of room in the front for the descend. I even think I mightve been better off with trail runners over boots.

    One of my favorite hikes ever. And the best part is that once you get to glacier point, there’s a little store where we bought popsicles and enjoyed the views’ glacier point was crowded from all the people driving to the view point, but it’s a different experience when you KNOW you worked for hours and hiked all the way up there. Much more rewarding!

    Marcela Diaz completed Four Mile Trail

    7 days ago

    Marcela Diaz completed Thousand Steps Trail

    14 days ago

    Marcela Diaz saved Aztec Cave Trail

    7 months ago