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    Member Since September 2019

    Manon G.

    Mierlo, North Brabant, Netherlands 

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    Manon G. saved Garfield Peak Trail

    4 days ago

    Manon G. reviewed Snowgrass Flats and Goat Lake Loop Trail

    5 days ago

    What a great hike this is! It is definitely a “hard” one, since the paths are super rocky and steep. I was really content with my walking poles, both for the climbing as the descending. Definitely one of the harder ones I’ve hiked so far. But worth it!

    We hiked counterclockwise, starting at the Snowgrass trail. I was really glad we hiked this way because the second half (Goat Ridge trail) has way much nicer views and paths so this made the second half not that hard ;-) The Snowgrass trail is mostly forest which is nice too, but the great views start when you enter the Lily Basin trail. If you do a loop an option could be to hike Goat Ridge/Lily Basin up to the Goat Lake and go back the same way.

    We saw a lot of ground squirrels and marmots, however not so many goats (which I expexted because of the name “ Goat Rock Wilderness”). And of course many wild flowers.

    Note: the distances provided seemed to be “a little” off; all our GPS devices said we hiked 26 km instead of 19, so that’s an extra 7 km (4 miles). That was a real bummer if you think you’re almost there ;-) Took us about 8,5 hours (including many photo stops and breaks).

    Manon G. saved Lassen Peak

    6 days ago

    Manon G. reviewed Little Wild Horse Bell Canyon Trail

    6 days ago

    One of my favorite hikes! Very cool scenery and also very interesting because of the different paths and rock formations along the way. Definitely recommendable!

    Manon G. reviewed Devils Garden Loop Trail with 7 Arches

    6 days ago

    One of my favorite hikes! Especially the first half is amazing, with all the rocks and climbing parts. Gets pretty scary at some points but very cool at the same time. Not suited for people who are afraid of heights. Second half is definitely less exciting than the first (if you go clockwise), but not less beautiful.

    Manon G. completed Capitol Gorge Trail

    6 days ago

    Manon G. completed Hickman Bridge Trail

    6 days ago

    Manon G. completed Sentinel Meadows Trail

    6 days ago

    Manon G. completed Four Mile Trail

    6 days ago

    Manon G. reviewed Miner's Ridge and James Irvine Trail Loop

    6 days ago

    Very nice trail through the Redwood forest. We hiked here on a Sunday and did the Miner’s Ridge trail first. That was a good choice because we only saw 10 other hikers or so untill we reached the beach. The beach part is pretty heavy in the sand but definitely worth it. We saw some seals in the ocean and lots of birds. The James Irvine trail was much more trafficked but that could also be due to the time (early afternoon). I found the first mile of the Miner’s Ridge trail the most beautiful, after that it’s mostly “more of the same”.

    Manon G. reviewed Hoh Rain Forest Hall of Moss

    6 days ago

    Very easy trail but worth going to learn more about the rain forest. We even saw an owl sitting in a tree! We arrived relatively late on a Saturday (around 5:30 pm) but it was still pretty crowded so don’t expect an empty trail. Unfortunately we couldn’t do the whole loop because of a wasp nest.

    Manon G. reviewed Timberline Lodge to Zig Zag Canyon

    6 days ago

    Very nice trail with beautiful views, especially at the canyon! We hiked this on Friday morning and it was busy but not too crowded. Saw lots of flowers and ground squirrels. We took our time and finished in 3,5 hours (including a lunch break of 30 minutes).

    Manon G. completed Marymere Falls Trail

    6 days ago