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    Member Since March 2019

    Madeline Sheppard

    Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada 

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    Madeline Sheppard reviewed Mount Rinjani (Sembalun to Senaru)

    about 1 month ago

    Incredible hike with breathtaking sun rise views at the summit. Completed this hike in two nights/three days, however, there are different options for however many nights you’d like to spend. Incredible crater views, rocky trails, hot springs and more. The last few km to the summit are incredibly difficult (especially with a 2am wake up). The trail is very steep and can be narrow at times, use caution. We had a range of weather throughout the journey but it was sunny with light rain for the most part. Warning: there is tons of waste all throughout the hike (including human waste) as none gets packed down. Very heartbreaking to see, but try to do your part and don’t contribute to the waste.

    Madeline Sheppard reviewed Panorama Ridge

    about 1 month ago

    Great hike with stunning panoramic views at the top! Start early, especially on the weekend as it gets very busy (between 6-7am is best). The first 6/7 km of the trail are switchbacks - not overly difficult but I found it a little boring and extremely crowded. We did the hike as a day hike, challenging but very doable. Next time I’d camp and enjoy spending some time exploring around more. Views at the top are absolutely breathtaking, especially on a clear day!

    Madeline Sheppard completed Panorama Ridge

    about 1 month ago

    Madeline Sheppard reviewed Berg Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Beautiful hike that offers tons of different terrain to enjoy (rocky trails, meadows, glacier lakes, waterfalls, etc.). I have done this hike twice but am yet to make it all the way to Snowbird Pass (due to time restrictions). Staying at the Berg Lake campground is incredible! If you are driving from out of town it’s nice to hike to Whitehorn for the first night and continue to Berg Lake for your next night(s). That way there’s plenty of time to take in the scenery as you hike!

    Madeline Sheppard completed Berg Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Madeline Sheppard reviewed Kain Hut Trail to Applebee Campground

    about 1 month ago

    One of my favourite hikes to date. This hike was challenging in the hot sun as we did it July long weekend! The trail is well maintained and despite the busy weekend we didn’t encounter many people during our hike. We only hiked to the hut as we weren’t spending the night, will absolutely stay at the hut or camp next time. The road isn’t the best, but it is absolutely achievable in a car if you take your time. We have driven up twice with no problems. The hike is challenging but rewards you with beautiful meadows and mountain views.

    Madeline Sheppard followed Serenity Lawlor

    4 months ago

    Madeline Sheppard saved The Rockwall

    5 months ago

    Madeline Sheppard saved Hat Mountain

    5 months ago

    Madeline Sheppard saved Joffre Lakes

    5 months ago