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    Member Since August 2019

    Louisa Brannon

    La Canada Flintridge, California 

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    Louisa Brannon reviewed Lake Blanche Trail

    10 days ago

    Super fun ! Went up around 9 am . Not too many people going up , more coming down . Definitely bring water , I’d say bring your normal bottle plus one just in case . I hike fasted so I brought a snack up for lunch as well . That seemed to be enough for me . If I’m going somewhere new, I usually pack snacks and so forth to be prepared. The trail goes from rocky to dirt to gravel to slab stone . I wore my Hokas but I think I’ve gone up here in hiking shoes as well. It’s not terribly steep but it is steep . There’s lots of shade and sun, it sort of goes in and out. It’s definitely worth the hike. If you’re looking for a waterfall hike , I wouldn’t choose this one. The waterfall is way far from the trail and you can see it in the distance sort of a situation. Going down, I ran most of the way, hence the running shoes. If you have painful hips or knees , I would make sure your strength training is on point or bring some poles or something of that sort . Most people on the trail are friendly .

    Louisa Brannon completed Lake Blanche Trail

    10 days ago