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    Daren & Lori Wooldridge completed Harpst Trail

    17 days ago

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed Blue Camp Trail

    18 days ago

    The only thing hard about this Trail, is trying to stay on it. I'm guessing you follow the blue markers, but they cross a bunch of yellow markers. It seems to be a little confusing. But as far as the trail, it's well-defined. The weeds are kind of tall, 3 to 4 feet in some spots, but the trail is still very visible. Nice area. Couple a really nice views by Hillsdale Lake. I'm interested to walk this Trail in the winter, so we will definitely be back. Also, there is a self paid $5 charge to park in their parking lot. There's a little stand to the right, before you come into the parking lot, that you pay $5 for a permit you stick on your windshield. So if you're going to park there, bring five bucks cash and be prepared for that.
    This is also very much used as a horse trail, as there are horse stables nearby, so be prepared for lots of horse poop and some deep ruts if it's muddy.

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge added THE RIM

    about 1 month ago

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed Castle Trail

    5 months ago

    Paved path to some castle ruins. Couple of interesting overlooks. Good family outing.

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge completed Castle Trail

    5 months ago

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed Tiemann Shut-ins Trail

    5 months ago

    Will definitely do this hike again. The trail is paved until you reach the Cats Paw, which is the lookout, then gravel trails split off each side. We walked around the lookout and down the rock to the St. Francois River rapids. Really cool area. We hung out on the rocks for about an hour.

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge added Tiemann

    5 months ago

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed Bell Mountain Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    Set out to do a 2 night backpacking trip. Hiked 5 miles UP the mountain, set up camp, played around a bit, then prepared to take cover from the storm that, according to the weather man, wasn't supposed to happen. Rode that storm out in the tent (it was only 3pm) and, after checking the weather and surveying the storm headed toward us (twice as big as the first), we decided it was best not to stick around. We hiked 5 miles back down the mountain, literally walking through a creek the whole way and crossing several water falls because there was so much water from the first rain. We made it back out about 30 minutes before the next storm hit. There were at least 2 or 3 more rounds that night. Trail was difficult, rocky and wet. Probably be a great trail in the Fall. Spring rain and Missouri humidity make it difficult this time of year. All in all, a good workout.

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed White Oaks Trail

    5 months ago

    Nice trial/walk in the woods. Trail is clearly visible and marked. Your typical poison ivy, mosquitos and ticks, but that's Spring. This Missouri humidity is a killer though. Several creek crossings, but none were difficult. We didn't get wet and there's been lots of rain lately. Only saw 2 other people and it was around noon on a Sunday. Would love to do again in the Fall.

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed Willis and Family Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Great hike again. Trails are marked and well defined. Lovely wooded setting. Lots of Honeysuckle. The smells were amazing. Saw lots of poisen ivy too. Will definitely be back.

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed Unity Village Nature Trail

    5 months ago

    This Trail is a gravel road. I'm not sure why it's rated as moderate, unless it's referring to the two hills you have to climb on a gravel road. It would be a nice walk during the spring or fall, to open and hot for the summer. The trail is not in the woods, it is very open. You do do pass by a lake and walk along a creek for a minute. Will probably go again, but not until Fall. It also is a good exercise Trail, a running trail and there are exercise stations all along the path.

    Daren & Lori Wooldridge reviewed Cedar Creek Trail System

    6 months ago

    Very rugged terrain. There are several areas of the trail that have deep horse ruts. It would probably be impassable if it was muddy. Trails were somewhat marked. Lots of hills. Cross over several creeks, or the same creek several times. Camped alone a portion of Smith Creek. Saw a few other campsites along the way. Good for a one-nighter close to home. Will probably go back and explore the area again and spend another night. Decent stay.