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    1 month ago

    past the bridge, there isnt a lot to see. there are a couple spots with nice views of the gorge, but other than that, meh. was pretty warm, parking was tight.

    This is literally as far as you should go in this area. There's very little to see once you get past the bridge, and the weather is turning warm. We completed this while doing Pa'san Ridge, and it really was the best part. Not too long from the parking lot, which is tight, and the views from the bridge are sweet.

    2 months ago

    it was ok. 100% paved road. caves were neat, falls were bitchin. wear sneakers!!! asphalt is rough on softer, grippier compounded hiking boots! if I went again, itd be on a bicycle.

    tons of people. like, unreal number lots of fallen trees that made it difficult with deuter & osprey child carriers

    road to trailhead is blocked as of April 2019. trees in roadway past gate, and gate is locked. park at sign for Nelder campground. lots of fun, snow on the ground. pretty!

    3 months ago

    flat, easy. warmer weather means snakes. we ran into some

    3 months ago