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    Member Since August 2019

    Lizzy Bakker

    South Holland, Netherlands 

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    Lizzy Bakker reviewed Munken

    18 days ago

    We split up this hike over two days and camped out at the Munkebu huts (plenty of suited grounds for tents and water available there!). Even though the days were cloudy, the scenery was beautiful. The path leads through varying landscapes and alternates flatter parts with steeper climbs, making it very doable.

    Lizzy Bakker completed Munken

    18 days ago

    Lizzy Bakker reviewed Svolvær til Fløya og Djevelporten

    20 days ago

    Wow this was a steep trail. Hand and feet are both needed. I don’t have the worst fear of heights in the world, but I had to challenge myself to make the next step every now and then. But I have to say - the views were really incredible, especially on a sunny day. The trail is a bit crowded though.

    Lizzy Bakker reviewed Aurora Sky Station Loop

    20 days ago

    The view up at Aurora station is beautiful! We took a slightly different route though - the red route indicated from the Abisko tourist station. If you take this route, you walk along a stream with several waterfalls, which is a nice sight. The trail gets quite steep towards the end, but well worth the effort. If you make it to the aurora station and still have some energy, then keep following the red trail to reach the Njulla mountain top (+-30min up) for an amazing 360 panorama view.

    Lizzy Bakker reviewed Kungsleden: “The King’s Trail"

    21 days ago

    One of the best multi day hikes in my life. Especially after Singhi towards vakkatovare - most people go east to kebnekaise, making the first part quite busy and the second part wonderfully quiet.