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    Member Since August 2016

    Liz Broske

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

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    Liz Broske reviewed Backbone Trail to Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa Trail Loop

    4 days ago

    Great trail with great views. Definitely a good workout but wouldn’t rate it hard. I know people mentioned this before but bring enough water! It got HOT, and I saw a few people struggling without enough water. I brought 3L and drank all of it, bring more than you think you’ll need! It gets pretty crowded, so go early and try to beat the crowds. Overall was a beautiful trail and had some amazing views!

    Liz Broske reviewed Fairyland Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    We did this trail (contrary to others) clockwise, and it was beautiful. If you want a longer hike in Bryce I’d definitely recommend this one. Beautiful views everywhere, especially one section along a ridge line where you get 360 degree views. Was definitely steep in parts, and would agree tower bridge is underwhelming but still worth the extra little walk.

    Liz Broske completed Fairyland Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Liz Broske reviewed Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Was a super beautiful hike, and a great preview for those who may want more of a trek. This trail was VERY popular, almost too popular for me. Even though it was so crowded, I was still able to stand in awe of some of the hoodoos. Very neat hike but very crowded.

    Liz Broske reviewed East Mesa Trail to Observation Point

    about 1 month ago

    We did this hike to observation point since we heard how great the view was, but this was the only trail open. It’s somewhat uneventful until you get to the final view, but I’d say the view makes up for it. We had to walk. That extra half mile there and back because of the muddy road, but it seemed like everyone was in the same boat. We did this trail as our first hike in Zion, and I’d recommend doing others first and this as your last since you aren’t coming from the canyon floor so you don’t get the whole experience of being up so high. Overall, great view and would definitely make the trek if you want to check out observation point.

    Liz Broske reviewed Angels Landing Trail

    about 1 month ago

    The trail is absolutely beautiful and would definitely recommend it. Even taking the shuttle was informative and allowed us to see a bit more of the park than we would’ve since so many trails are closed. Took us about 2 and a half-3 hours but we did have to wait a bit on the way down. Only downfall of this trail is how popular it is, but you can see why it is! I’m pretty afraid of heights, and I didn’t think it was as bad as people had previously said. Looking up at it is worse than actually being on there (except for a few spots that definitely made the knees shake a little). Would definitely recommend this hike! We started around 7 and heard that people who started later ended up waiting in lines a bit longer. So my advice- wake up early! You can take a nap after :)

    Liz Broske completed Angels Landing Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Liz Broske reviewed Flatiron Via Siphon Draw Trail

    4 months ago

    Beautiful hike! We did get off trail a bit, so on the way up stay to the left! If it wasn’t for the little detour, would’ve given this a 5. This was one of the most interesting and beautiful hikes I’ve done in this area. Bring sunscreen!

    Liz Broske reviewed Wasson Peak Trail

    5 months ago

    This trail was awesome!! Definitely was tough in parts with the switchbacks but totally worth it from the views you get. Seems like you can see all the surrounding mountains from here. Since it was my first time I got a little turned around on the second half of the loop but had no problems with service so was able to check the AllTrails map. Would recommend starting early 1) the sun! There is barely any shade on this trail and 2) because being at the summit by yourself is pretty amazing! It gets busy, so if you’re looking for more seclusion start early! Bring lots of water and sunscreen. Worth every step!

    Liz Broske completed Wasson Peak Trail

    5 months ago

    Liz Broske reviewed Old Baldy and Mount Wrightson Summit Trail

    6 months ago

    Was definitely a tough hike with the altitude and the switchbacks but the views were worth it! I tried this at the end of January and couldn’t make it all the way to the top because of the icy and snowy conditions. There were footprints though so I’m assuming some people made it! Even from where I stopped the views were awesome and got an awesome workout. Definitely bring layers as it gets pretty chilly near the top!

    Liz Broske reviewed Douglas Spring, Bridal Wreath Falls, Three Tank, Garwood Loop

    6 months ago

    Trail was in great condition and was very well labeled at all parts. The views from the trail are absolutely amazing with views of the Catalina’s and the town. It definitely gets warm (even in January) with limited shade so I would suggest starting early. Be aware of some pokey plants and even rattlesnakes. Also there’s a good amount of horses (and their poop) along the trail. But overall was a great hike. Very smooth so would even recommend it to trail runners since there were very few loose rocks. Went on a Friday and only ran into a few people. As some people mentioned the falls are pretty dry but still worth the hike for the awesome views.

    Liz Broske reviewed Chimney Tops Trail

    9 months ago

    One of those hikes we wanted to do because of the low mileage, but man it was a workout! Talk about stairs! And more stairs! But beautiful view at the top. We arrived early in the morning and had the trail to ourselves. Would recommend!

    Liz Broske completed Chimney Tops Trail

    9 months ago

    Liz Broske reviewed Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte

    9 months ago

    An awesome trail!! Beautiful views and amazing hike. Don’t be fooled by its popularity, it’s tough, but worth the climb!

    Liz Broske reviewed Old Rag Mountain Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Put us to work, it’s a full body workout in some of the rock scramble. Worth it all for the view at the end. Fellow hikers were great and helped us along in some spots. Great trail!

    Liz Broske completed Old Rag Mountain Loop

    9 months ago

    Liz Broske saved mason dixon trail

    almost 3 years ago