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    Lis Ellis Pro-red@3x

    Indianapolis, Indiana 

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    Lis Ellis reviewed Plateau Point Trail via Bright Angel Trail

    5 months ago

    I left at 5:30am because I wanted as much cool temps and shaded areas as possible. I was rewarded with some early morning animals, the orange hues of sunrise, and a pretty quiet trail. And great photos without people in them. Almost my own private tour. Down is easy to certain degree, no strain on the cardio and moving pretty fast but it does pound on your knees and ankles. The campsite after Indian garden has a stream and little muddy path, only mud I saw on the trail. The last leg of the trail in parts were covered with small clusters of rock. I had the entire plateau point to myself for a good 15-20 mins before others started to arrive. Enjoyed my break and my snacks. It was simply stunning. I also lucked out that it was still cloudy so it was cool and shady out there but if there is no cloud coverage you are exposed. I had no issues with the bugs or the birds, wondering if that’s because I left so early. I strolled my way back up, wasn’t in a hurry. The bathroom stops were clean. I will say the one by the campsite has a blow of cool air which you’re not expecting and can certainly take you by surprise. Lol. The trail was still pretty empty until I got back up to the 3 mile rest house (10am), then it started to get crowded and the sun came out from the clouds. Again glad I left early as I had most of my day on a cool and shaded path. The last 1.5 mile is where I felt the downward pound from earlier. My joints were tired. My cardio was find as I did stroll and in decent shape. You can do the trail without poles but I appreciated them as they gave me a little extra push and stability as I was trekking back up. I brought my 2L camelbak and a 20oz water bottle. I was fine and had water to spare when done. I also stayed hydrated the day before and I left early so I wasn’t gassed by the heat or sun. It is a hard hike but wow what an adventure.

    Lis Ellis saved Lawrence Creek Trail

    6 months ago