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    Lindsey Kotowski Pro-red@3x

    Middletown, Connecticut 

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    Lindsey Kotowski reviewed Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail Loop

    10 days ago

    Okay let me preface my review by saying this hike is awesome and beautiful and the top of Cadillac mountain is beautiful; however there is a reason this is rated as difficult- not moderate, which you won’t experience unless you actually do the loop part of this trail. Also for context I’m a 5ft tall athletic (but not super intense) hiker- primarily do day hikes with my husband between 7 and 10 miles

    Distance: this hike is NOT 7.5 miles, I think that is what this would be without the loop, just doing the south ridge trail out and back. We clocked 9.1 on Garman. Also, given the difficulty of the loop portion, this took us roughly 5 hours, stopping at the top of course for a bit

    Difficulty: The reviews saying this is a nice moderate grade family hike, likely did not do the loop portion. I would say the hike up to Cadillac mountain was moderate, not a horribly steep grade and definitely family friendly. The loop however, while awesome, was difficult, very steep, lots of sharp boulder scrambling and more. You could not do this loop with a dog or a young kid.

    Sights: overall some really diverse scenery, cool forest at the start, which transition into hiking on the rocks up to the top of Cadillac mountain. Then as you start the loop lots of big boulders down with a waterfall on the side.

    Cheers to a fun hike!

    Lindsey Kotowski saved Fairy Falls

    2 months ago