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    Lindsey Hyde reviewed Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail

    28 days ago

    Firstly, don't forget to bring cash! It's 3 dollar parking fee! Definitely took my time with this one! It was a pleasant trail walk. Had fun exploring alternate trails and little inlets to the creek. Very easy hike/walk. Trail varies between rocks, hard dirt, loose dirt, and gravel. Watch out for horse poop! The waterfall at the halfway point was crowded, but besides that only saw maybe a dozen people. Gorgeous scenery. Plenty of birds and critters to see as well. Definitely will be back to explore more trails.

    Lindsey Hyde reviewed Kwaay Paay Peak Trail

    29 days ago

    Perfect day for a hike! Good workout. Good starting point for a beginner honestly. #shinsplintsfordays.

    Lindsey Hyde completed Kwaay Paay Peak Trail

    29 days ago

    Lindsey Hyde saved Rim Trail

    29 days ago

    Lindsey Hyde saved Pyles Peak Trail

    29 days ago