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    Lindsey Bren saved St. Mary's Glacier

    5 months ago

    Lindsey Bren reviewed St. Mary's Glacier

    5 months ago

    Snow covered this time of year, but totally worth the amazing views. This is one of the best hikes I've done, and I always take my guests here to show off Colorado a little. Just remember it starts above 10,000 feet :)

    Lindsey Bren completed St. Mary's Glacier

    5 months ago

    Lindsey Bren reviewed Mount Falcon Castle Trail

    5 months ago

    7.9 miles of fun. It's definitely worth it to see the ruins and the summer White House. Some snow along the way, but mostly pretty dry.

    Lindsey Bren reviewed Alderfer Three Sisters Trail

    6 months ago

    I loved this trail. Not many people were out so we had the place nearly to ourselves. It was a good trail to bring people not uses to the elevation to, as it wasn't incredibly hard. There were small patches of snow, but my friend finished it in tennis shoes with no problems.