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    Member Since June 2018

    Lindsay Mitchell

    Portland, Maine 

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    Lindsay Mitchell reviewed Red Hill via Eagle Cliff Trail

    8 months ago

    Great hike, definitely more moderate level than hard...absolutely fantastic views!!! Took us about 2.5 hours of actual hiking tound trip...the fire tower at the top is a great spot to take some photos. Less trafficked trail than Mount Morgan, where we actually were planning on hiking but it was completely packed for parking-this trail is only 8 minutes from Mount Morgan/Mount Percival...Highly recommended!!

    Lindsay Mitchell reviewed Bald Mountain and Speckled Mountain

    11 months ago

    We did both mountains and the loop trail around the pond at the bottom of the mountain-great views, moderate hike. Got to go swimming in the pond after with not a soul in sight...truly a glorious day and experience. Highly recommended on a hot day and you’d like to cool off after. Moderate level of difficulty. One of my fabulous hikes so far.

    Lindsay Mitchell reviewed Pleasant Mountain via Southwest Ridge Trail

    11 months ago

    Finally got to hiking the mountain in my hometown-we went on a hot day so it was difficult with my asthma but if we’d done this hike on a fall day I’d rate it moderate. Trail starts out steep right away! But levels out as you go. We found a BUNCH of blueberries on the trail, bushes everywhere. Overall a fun hike and pretty views.

    Lindsay Mitchell reviewed Burnt Meadow Mountain Trail

    11 months ago

    This is one of our favorites-not too far of a drive from Portland, and an easy to moderate level of difficulty. This was one of the first mountains we did, when we went back several months later and with a few more mountains under our belts, it was MUCH easier. Second time we did burnt meadow and stone mountain together, up and down and to both mountains took us about 3.5 hours. Beautiful views!!! Highly recommended.

    Lindsay Mitchell reviewed Mount Zircon Trail

    11 months ago

    We did this trail in April, when there was still quite a bit of snow on the mountain, which made the ascent pretty difficult, but it was our third mountain we’d hiked so it would be much easier now-especially in summer or fall! Views at the top were really great, so overall I’d say it’s not too difficult a hike. A bit hard to find the parking for this mountain though-even asked the locals and it took 2 stops and 4 people before we were finally pointed in the right direction. Overall a good hiking experience.

    Lindsay Mitchell completed Mount Zircon Trail

    11 months ago

    Lindsay Mitchell reviewed Singe Pole

    11 months ago

    Lindsay Mitchell saved Swan Island Loop

    11 months ago

    Lindsay Mitchell saved Bald Peak Trail

    11 months ago

    Lindsay Mitchell saved Stone Mountain

    11 months ago