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    Linda Thompson updated Hyalite Reservoir Loop Plus

    3 days ago

    Linda Thompson reviewed Storm Castle Peak

    12 days ago

    We hit the trailhead at 8am on a June Saturday and saw four people heading down during our hike up. When we were heading down, we saw a total of 47 people and about 10 dogs heading up. There are parking spaces for about five cars. All other cars park along the road. The trailhead is near a creek, but that is the last water you will see, so it is important to pack a lot of water for yourselves and pets. The trail has a solid incline and several rocky switchbacks with full sun. Not the best hike for anyone with vertigo. The view from the top is predominately to the southeast and southwest.

    Linda Thompson completed Storm Castle Peak

    13 days ago

    Linda Thompson reviewed Truman Gulch Trail

    14 days ago

    Great hike becomes even better if you continue past the 2.2 mile 'end'. Another 20-25 minutes up gradual switchbacks takes you to the Ridgeline Trail and breathtaking views. See my Truman Gulch to Ridgeline Trail review.

    Linda Thompson completed Truman Gulch Trail

    15 days ago

    Linda Thompson completed Triple Tree Trail

    18 days ago

    Linda Thompson saved Putah Creek

    4 months ago

    Linda Thompson saved Blue Lake

    8 months ago

    Linda Thompson reviewed Lower Mount Ellis Trail

    8 months ago

    This post provides instructions to the summit of Lower Mt Ellis, 8 miles round trip, 2246 ft elevation gain. About 4.5 hours, excluding lunch break. Trailhead is at the end of Mt Ellis LANE, not Mt Ellis Rd. At the end of the public road, there is a private road continuing straight, and the trailhead through a swinging wood gate is located to the right of this road. State land use permit ($10) required. Bring plenty of water for you and your dog! Continue on the trail up the gradual incline through a meadow for about a mile. Veer to the left at the fork to stay on forest service road FS 712 (see map). In about 100 yds, pass through a barb wire gate and continue up the road to about the 2 mile mark. On a grassy slope at a fork, veer right to stay on FS 712 to continue uphill. Keep your eyes open for views of the Crazies and Absarokas. At about the 3 mile mark or beyond, a small (4" dia. Trunk) fir tree lays across the road. Look for a rock cairn and head up the hill to the right. The trail here is narrow and steep. It took us nearly an hour to cover the final mile to the summit. But the 360 degree views of the Bridger, Absaroka, Spanish Peak, and Tobacco Root mountain ranges are truly breathtaking. If you want to peak Mt Ellis, leave early and avoid the up and down to Lower Mt Ellis.

    Linda Thompson saved M Trail

    9 months ago

    Linda Thompson saved Sypes Canyon

    9 months ago

    Linda Thompson saved Pine Creek Lake

    9 months ago

    Linda Thompson saved Emerald Lake Trail

    10 months ago

    Linda Thompson saved Palisade Falls

    10 months ago

    Linda Thompson reviewed Island Lake Trail

    10 months ago

    Linda Thompson reviewed Lost Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Beautiful, gentle grade. Lots of places for our dog to get wet. Pack for changing weather conditions.

    Linda Thompson completed Lost Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Linda Thompson saved Lost Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Linda Thompson reviewed Lower Lake Fork Trail to September Mom Lake

    11 months ago

    What a beautiful trail! We hit the trailhead around 8:00 am on an unusually cool and clear August morning and enjoyed breathtaking views on the way up to Broadwater Lake. My MapMyRun app measured 3.9 miles in. We decided to explore Lost Lake which added another 2-3 miles and two hours to our hike. The clouds formed around us and we saw limited views due to the rolling fog. But it is a beautiful lake with two small islands. We had a few stream crossings over logs or large rocks. Watch for a few waterfalls. All total, MapMyRun measured 11.5 miles in about 5 hours, not counting stops. I really appreciate how the AllTrails app allows you to see where you are on the trail even without the Internet. Very useful when trying to find Lost Lake!