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    Linda Stover reviewed New Hance Trail

    7 months ago

    I must say, comparing this trail to all other trails I have done, in GC it is the most difficult. I slid on the loose dirt/scree 8 times in the descent, which is unheard of since my shoes are made for trails and have great traction AND I was using poles. There was alot of boulder climbing, and a few areas with obscure perception re: how to stay on the trail. The climb is a 5180 foot elevation ascent, which I would not consider "moderate". There was ample shade on descent and ascent, gorgeous reward at the river, and beautiful and different views of the canyon. I would do it again but would advise other's to consider it a most difficult trail. For more details on this trail check out:

    Linda Stover completed New Hance Trail

    7 months ago