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    Member Since August 2016

    Linda Howler

    Boca Raton, Florida 

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    Linda Howler saved The Wave Trail

    2 days ago

    Linda Howler saved Aster Park

    3 days ago

    Linda Howler saved Riprap Trail

    3 days ago

    Linda Howler reviewed Highline Trail - Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet

    13 days ago

    Big views! We hiked Logan Pass to the loop with the additional very steep side trail to the Grinnell Glacier Overlook, and it was big views all the way until the last 4 miles down to the Loop after Granite Park Chalet. But they were the same big views you get from the Going to the Sun Road, which we had driven several times by then. It was a very long way to see what we had seen before, so for that reason I only give it 4 stars. I preferred the Grinnell Glacier hike, which I found more scenic, and enjoyable. That said, my hubby loved this one. The side trail up to the Grinnell Glacier overlook was super steep, and made this a 14 mile hike, with the last 4 miles through boring forest, so I wouldn't do it again. It was very windy at the top of the overlook, so you couldn't actually hike up the very last bit for the best view, but still a cool view from up there. Not sure it was worth the extra killer very steep 3 miles.

    Linda Howler reviewed Grinnell Glacier Trail

    13 days ago

    Wonderful!!! Spectacular iews the entire way! Hard, but not soooo hard. Really cool lake up top, and when we were there it was full of big ice chunks (even though it's not Iceberg Lake). Can't say enough good things about this hike! We did this and the Highline Trail as our two big hikes for the week, and my daughter and I thought this was the best one.

    Linda Howler completed Grinnell Glacier Trail

    13 days ago

    Linda Howler reviewed Royal Arch Trail

    13 days ago

    Nice, steep (rock stairs much of the way). To get to the trailhead sign you walk up a wide, kind of boring road type trail in full sun, but once you get to the trees it's nice and shady. Very steep, and lots of rock stairs, but the higher you go the more interesting it gets. The last 1/4 is really cool, with a bit of rock scrambling even. The arch is great, and bigger than it looks in photos, and there's a great view over Boulder. But we went on a Saturday, and though I usually don't mind crowded trails, there is very little room to sit at the top under the arch where the views are, so it would have been nice to go on a weekday and maybe find a spot to relax for a while. Still, really enjoyed it!

    Linda Howler reviewed Button Rock Dam via Sleepy Lion Trail

    13 days ago

    Really enjoyed this trail! We only picked it because it was on our way to Ft. Collins from the airport, and didn't expect so much pretty. It starts along the river, then goes up a little steeply for a little bit, with some nice little views along the way. The top has pretty meadows, then you head back down to the dam. We did the little trail on the right of the dam (Hummingbird Switchback Trail) to the top and saw the lake up there and then hiked back along the road/trail from there. It goes by the spillway and then along the river back to the parking lot. It was a beautiful Friday around noon, and the trail wasn't crowded at all. Highly recommend!

    Linda Howler completed Royal Arch Trail

    13 days ago

    Linda Howler saved Birch Lake Trail

    23 days ago

    Linda Howler saved Croom Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Linda Howler saved Croom Trail North Loop

    about 1 month ago