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    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Meridian Trail

    2 days ago

    Nice 5.3 mile easy hike....tricky as no “Meridian Trail” markers so use AllTrails GPS to stay on.

    Linda Jean Fenner completed Meridian Trail

    2 days ago

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Telegraph Pass Trail

    4 days ago

    Another beautiful hike here today :). Crossed the road to the stone dwelling...great short incline workout!!!

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Dreamy Draw Loop Trail

    6 days ago

    Beautiful Scenery half way in....awesome Incline workout too! Loved it ....bathrooms on site!

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Lookout Mountain Circumference Trail

    6 days ago

    Nice Hike! Confusing markers though....saw 4 coyotes on the trail....

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Lookout Mountain Summit Trail

    6 days ago

    Awesome Incline training today for PHX4 Summit Challenge 2018!

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Ranger Trail

    7 days ago

    Nice Easy/Moderate Hike...Watch Out for Horse droppings! Nice incline up to the top....where you’ll find a heart of stones :). Bathrooms at visitor center, no fees! Enjoy

    Linda Jean Fenner completed Ranger Trail

    7 days ago

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout

    9 days ago

    Great Hike Today!!! Beautiful with a nice trail variety for a hard hike. Be sure to take the immediate Left as you enter (before check in station) or you’ll be driving all over. Bathroom at Trail. Sadly some garbage along the way....

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Pass Mountain Trail

    10 days ago

    Great 7.7 Mile Hike Yesterday! The views were amazing starting Left onto Trail. If you want more of an incline workout I’m told to start Right on to Trail. $7.00 fee/bathrooms at Trailhead. Loved it!!!

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Javelina Canyon and Ridgeline Loop Trail

    16 days ago

    Amazing Hike with Friends.....Great Incline Workout....Moderate/Easy......

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Shaw Butte Trail

    18 days ago

    Started at Trail 100 went back-way to Trail 306 to loop back to visitors center. Definitely a moderate/hard hike incline with good views along with the urban vibe. Trails clean and marked well! Friendly staff, bathrooms and don’t forget to grab a map! Good Times!!!

    Linda Jean Fenner completed Shaw Butte Trail

    18 days ago

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    20 days ago

    Beautiful Hike, Loved the scenery and the Devils Bridge! No Fees, Get there early for parking, restrooms on site :)

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Apache Wash Loop Trail

    21 days ago

    Nice easy 4 mile sunrise hike with pretty views of surrounding mountains! Enjoyed 11 Hot Air Balloons in the area too. Bathrooms on site, no fees :)

    Linda Jean Fenner reviewed Butcher Jones Trail

    22 days ago

    Amazing Sunrise Hike Today with gorgeous views of the lake and landscape! No wild horses spotted today, I would rank as an easy hike, but at times the trail was hard to follow towards the end....use your Navigation! Washrooms on trail site...Get Your $8.00 Park Pass at Gas Station on the way or risk fine.