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    Member Since July 2019

    lias stork

    Pretty Prairie, Kansas 

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    lias stork reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    19 days ago

    Do this one a lot. Trail is longer than you’d think. Not hard but always crowded. Once my friends waited in like for 45 min for their turn to take a picture on the bridge. Everyone has been here now and it’s the new “thing” the past year or two. So it’s gotten far too crowded.

    lias stork completed Devils Bridge Trail

    19 days ago

    lias stork reviewed Horseshoe Bend Trail

    19 days ago

    Way over crowded. At sunset there’s probably 500 people there. They’re loud.

    We choose to do the horsebend tour. they have a private piece of land so there were only 7 of us who go to area to ourselves to take as many pictures as we wanted. We could hear all the people and see them trying to leave. Traffic was backed up.
    We paid to do the horseshoe bend and secret canyon sunset tour with bob. Worth every penny to not deal being pushed through antelope canyon or all the people at horseshoe bend. They’re a little more pricy but the pictures and experience is priceless. So stunning !!! Nature is amazing !!

    lias stork completed Horseshoe Bend Trail

    19 days ago

    lias stork reviewed Bell Trail

    19 days ago

    Absolutely perfect !!!! Three mile hike in. We started around noon because this wasn’t planned. Took us almost two hours to hike up as I had a fractured ankle and it was 110 degrees out. At 5 pm when we hiked down it only took up 50 minutes maybe.
    The water is perfect temp and so many places to jump and have fun. People watching at its finest. We went on a Friday and thought it would be packed. It wasn’t. By 230 we almost had it to ourselves. It was great watching people overcome their fears to jump from the higher spots. It was a blast !!!!! Will be back here for sure !

    lias stork completed Bell Trail

    19 days ago

    lias stork reviewed Wire Pass Trail

    19 days ago

    This trail is amazing ! Takes a hot second to get to the trail and a mile walk before it gets pretty.
    You’ll walk through a few slot canyons before you come to the ladder everyone talks about. I’m 5”2 and an avid hiker. I’ve been all over the world so I never thought a little ladder would be such an issue but trying to wrap my torso around to get the tree branch I put pressure on the ladder and it didn’t hold. I’m 115 pounds. Fractured my ankle. Didn’t help I proceeded to walk 15 miles down buckskin after but just be very careful with the ladder. Not safe. So if you’re short you’ll need help. There’s nothing to hold onto trying to get around the big rock and you have to just trust the person and let go. Which is scary enough to land your foot where it needs to go next.
    Not something just anyone can do. The people behind us all turned back around so if you’re not going to do the ladder. Not worth it. You can go into the same slot canyons at buckskin trailhead start of the trail and then go through wirepass backwards. Just take a right when you get to the big opening. There’s a sign that points to wirepass.
    But we did wirepass to buckskin.

    One of the most beautiful scenery hikes I’ve done.
    Be very careful and check for rain. A family had gotten caught in a flash flood. 10 min of rain and water flows too fast down into the slot canyons. Two of them didn’t make it out they were telling us when we went to page later that week. :( so look at the forecast if you’re doing slot canyons. Flash floods are no joke !

    lias stork completed Wire Pass Trail

    19 days ago