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    Member Since December 2017

    Lianne Bosko Pro-red@3x

    Walnut Creek, California 

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    Lianne Bosko reviewed Alamere Falls via Coast Trail from Palomarin Trailhead

    29 days ago

    Great hike, views of the coast, shaded woodlands and a waterfall at the end (or tidefall technically)...what’s not to like! Go early, the lot gets crowded. I was there by 9am and only saw a few people on my way to the falls, but tons more on my way back. It is a scramble at the end, wear good footwear and know your limits. Getting back up is just as tough as getting down. Depending on tides, i wouldn’t recommend the longer (less treacherous) route up the beach from Wildcat Camp. The tides made the last stretch completely impassable the day I was there.