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    Leslie Knoblauch

    Boulder, Colorado 

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    Leslie Knoblauch reviewed Hidden Falls, Fawn, Hope, Beaver, Maple, Big Woods and Fox Loop

    6 days ago

    The trails are well marked and very easy to follow.

    I was there for around 4 hours and hiked 9.7 miles around the different trails (I do hike frequently, but I still feel like this was an easy hike) and I only saw 3 other people the entire time I was there.

    It’s all woods and then there is the prairie loop on the other side.

    The prairie loop had wildflowers and there were some butterflies - definitely the highlight of this park aside from the falls.

    The stream/creek was mostly dried up and there wasn’t really any ‘water’ along the hikes aside from the falls.

    Hidden falls is pretty, but it’s a very small waterfall and I wouldn’t recommend going all the way to this park just for the falls if you aren’t already in the area.

    Today 09/10/19 there was a fallen tree blocking the prairie loop path, so if you aren’t able to climb over things - I would call to make sure it was moved.

    Also there were SO many bugs - bring bug spray!

    Leslie Knoblauch reviewed The Loch Lake Trail via Glacier Gorge Trail

    2 months ago

    Very beautiful hike!! You lose some people after the falls, which was nice as it is quite crowded up until then and still there were quite a lot of people up until the loch. The hike was easy and the trail was obvious. There is some snow, but it wasn’t a problem. We also saw some elk. Our plan was to go to sky pond, but we got a late start and had to take the shuttle from the park and ride so we didn’t have time to continue - make sure if you want to do any trail on this side of the park that you come very early because first they close the lots then they close the entire road. We hiked Saturday 07/06/19 and were able to get to the park and ride at around noon, but I went back on a Tuesday to do sky pond and the entire road was closed at 10am.

    Leslie Knoblauch reviewed Emerald Lake Trail

    2 months ago

    A lot of this hike is uphill, but the trail is very obvious and there are built in steps almost all of it. There was two very small snow passes that were no problem. This is one of the easiest hikes I’ve ever done, and it had beautiful views. I started this hike at 6:30pm (yes, pm) and finished at 8:30pm, so it took me 2 hours and I did stop at Emerald lake to eat so about 1.5 hr of actually hiking. I did talk to a couple who it took almost double the time, so I’d plan on 1.5-3 hours depending on how often you hike plus time to stop. I was planning on doing sky pond that morning, but the bear lake road was completely closed. Make sure if you want to come to this side of RMNP that you come very early in the morning before the lots fill and they close the road.

    Leslie Knoblauch completed Emerald Lake Trail

    2 months ago

    Leslie Knoblauch reviewed Mount Ida Trail

    2 months ago

    Beautiful hike and easier than most hikes I’ve done to get to the summit of a mountain. I hiked this with my friend on Sunday 07/07/19. The beginning of the hike is in the woods, where do you have to cross through some small streams and snow passes that we’re starting to melt making it very muddy.. You get passed tree-line and the views are stunning. We saw a ton of marmots and herds of mountain sheep. We got a late start and there was a storm coming which unfortunately came right when I got to the top of Mt. Ida - my friend turned around right at the base and didn’t get to see the top because it started lightning and you could hear the static electricity. Definitely recommend this hike, but start very early!!! We got to Milner pass I think around 11:00am and had to wait 5 minutes for a parking spot and I believe we left around 4:30/5pm (we both forgot to actually check the exact time) I think it took us around 6 hours and we did stop to take pictures a lot.

    Leslie Knoblauch completed Mount Ida Trail

    2 months ago

    Leslie Knoblauch saved Chasm Lake

    2 months ago

    Leslie Knoblauch reviewed Chasm Lake

    2 months ago

    I hiked this on Monday 07/08/19. About half of the hike is in the woods (goblins forest) following the brook with small waterfalls which was beautiful, then once you pass tree line it’s a lot of stairs. You get by peacock pool and that’s where I saw multiple people turning around, because you have to cross the less than a foot wide trail covered in snow, on the side of the cliff. I’m from Minnesota so for me this was ok. Then the trail takes you across some streams by the columbine falls and then there is the rock scramble which I found to be the hardest part. Definitely worth the hike!!! I got into the parking lot around 10:30am and there were still some spots left. The total trip took me 5.5 hours, but I only stopped for a short time once I got to the lake (probably 20 minutes) , because I was the only person there and I was afraid it was going to storm.

    Leslie Knoblauch completed Chasm Lake

    2 months ago