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    Member Since March 2018

    Lauren Bartolo Pro-red@3x

    Colorado Springs, Colorado 

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    Lauren Bartolo reviewed Lake Agnes Trail

    6 days ago

    Finished hiking this trail around 3:40PM today. It was well marked & had lots of signs. Remember the signs list distances in km instead of miles though. You can over or underestimate easily if you are used to thinking in miles. The tea house & lake at the top were a great reward but were very busy. The trail was busy as well with lots of kids & horses so be prepared to adjust for them. It is mostly a long straight uphill with a few switchbacks near the top. When you reach mirror lake you are almost to the top. We started around 1:30PM, made it to the top around 2:30 & had some tea & started our return at 3:00. Overall a nice trip.

    Lauren Bartolo completed Lake Agnes Trail

    6 days ago