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    Lauren Barnette Pro-red@3x

    Atlanta, Georgia 

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    Lauren Barnette reviewed South Kaibab Trail to Tip Off

    13 days ago

    The views on this hike are amazing. Make sure to stop every once in a while to look up and down to really grasp the size of the canyon. If we could do it again we’d stop at Skeleton Point and go back up from there. There aren’t any spectacular views at Tip Off and is really just a stopping point if you’re going to the river or taking the Tonto connector. The switchbacks from Tip Off back to Skeleton are absolutely killer, worse than the last couple as you’re exiting the canyon.

    Everyone on the hike (especially past Cedar Point) is super nice.

    We went in October and the heat wasn’t that bad. We started at 7 am and it only took us 2ish hours to get down to Tip Off but took us 4 to get back up (my friend really strugggled and needed lots of breaks).

    Also watch out for the squirrels, they’ll climb up your leg or steal food from your pack!

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    3 months ago

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