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    Member Since August 2019

    Laura Margaret

    Whistler, British Columbia, Canada 

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    Laura Margaret reviewed Edith Cavell Meadows Trail

    6 days ago

    I’d rate this hike as easy and didn’t really feel it was anything special. The views don’t get that much better up the trail than from the main viewpoint. It’s also very busy. There’s better hikes in the area.

    Laura Margaret reviewed Bourgeau Lake Trail

    6 days ago

    This was a nice hike on a moderately trafficked trail. Wouldn’t consider it a difficult hike other than the length. It took us about 8 hours return, though that includes a good hour and a bit of hanging around. We also went pretty far past the end of the pass trail to the left. So we did more like 21kms and would definitely recommend going the extra few as the views really get a lot better. Parking lot for sure fills up fast, so getting there early (before 9:30am) is a good idea.

    Laura Margaret completed Bourgeau Lake Trail

    6 days ago

    Laura Margaret reviewed Tent Ridge Horseshoe

    6 days ago

    This was such a fun hike with really amazing views. Definitely gets pretty steep in areas and I would agree that it is a difficult hike. It took us about 4 hours and we’re mostly casual hikers, though in pretty good shape. We listened to the reviews and went clockwise around the loop and I do feel that is the best way to go. It says the trail is heavily trafficked, but we hardly saw anyone while we were there.

    Laura Margaret saved Tonquin Valley

    10 days ago