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    Member Since August 2017

    Laura Carroll Pro-red@3x

    Spokane, Washington 

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    Laura Carroll reviewed Little Spokane River: Waikiki Springs trail

    19 days ago

    We ended up making a nice little hike of the day, but discovered that the route as shown here is very outdated. Looking at the loop, if you take the left fork, about halfway down there are No Trespassing signs and a barbed wire fence that has been cut and pulled back. We went back to the fork and took the right fork. The route on AllTrails has you getting on to a part of the trail that is entirely behind a fence. We walked down the fence line and along down a gravel road and it connected back with part of the left part of the loop. We also ran across a rattlesnake, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Laura Carroll saved Hawk Creek Trail

    4 months ago

    Laura Carroll reviewed Rimrock Conservation Area Palisades Park Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Very easy down and back that's great for families with even the littlest of kids in strollers. There is also a full loop trail thats right at 3 miles that is definitely for your older kids (7+),during the spring there are still some soggy and muddy places on the woods loop so keep that in mind. The map can be a little confusing because the trail isn't marked. If you are going to do the full loop, I suggest you start with the woods path to the left of the trail sign, that will help clear up the map confusion.

    Laura Carroll saved Palouse Falls Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Laura Carroll saved Knothead Valley Loop

    almost 2 years ago