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    Laszlo Balogh updated Nederland Barker Reservoir Cruise

    9 months ago

    Laszlo Balogh reviewed Arapaho Glacier Trail

    11 months ago

    We started early morning: around 5:10AM, still in the dark from Rainbow Lake Trailhead, close to the campground. That turned out to be a great idea: as we climbed higher and higher we were greeted with awesome views of the horizon painted various orange/red/yellow colors as the sun was rising. Also saw from different spots Boulder with its lights still on, so great early morning views.
    Then the light rain started, which pretty much stayed with us the entire time. Occasional windy spots, such as at Arapaho Glacier. With being wet, the occasionally strong wind was definitely not helping.
    Despite of the steady, but light rain, still enjoyed this trip very much! The views with the clouds moving in and partially hiding the surrounding peaks, provided for unique views.
    Except for a short section where we still had to go through a snowfield (easy, no issues), the trail was clear from snow, but wet. As we were descending to Arapaho Pass Trail, the lower we got the more often the trail went through thick patches of bushes. Amazing, how much water those bushes can hold: each time felt like taking a shower, so there were not many dry spots on our clothes. Shoes and socks were already dripping wet.
    The solitude this trail provided with the light rain was very special and very relaxing, so completely didn't care about being wet, but more enjoyed our time...
    With the elevation gain, it is a great workout and the trail most of the time is single track. Above tree line it is very technical, so if you want to work on your foot work and cadence, this is the route for you... :-)

    Laszlo Balogh completed Arapaho Glacier Trail

    11 months ago

    Laszlo Balogh reviewed Devils Thumb Pass and King Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Started kind of early in the morning, so took the 9AM shuttle from Nederland. Turned out to be a great idea as many people who parked on the side of the road were already hiking at least a mile if not more just to reach the shuttle bus drop off point.
    Opted to run the loop in a counterclockwise direction. I think that is a much better way to go through this route. One reason is the morning sun provided great views along Devils Thumb Trail. Second: King Lake Trail drops below tree line pretty quickly so a potential afternoon thunderstorm would find you in the protection of a dense forest.
    Otherwise not many people on the trails: every few minutes a group.
    Fortunately I was able to complete the loop before the thunderstorm, that just moved in as the shuttle bus took be back to the RTD parking lot in Nederland.
    Sunny day and an awesome experience. The views were spectacular!!! I can only recommend this loop.

    Laszlo Balogh reviewed Pawnee Pass Trail

    11 months ago

    Awesome route. Until Lake Isabelle the trail is very easy, should be a great nice, hike for anyone. From Lake Isabelle to the top of Pawnee Pass at 12,500 feet is quite a bit of climb mainly on pretty technical trail.
    I was there on Saturday morning and by 8:40AM barely any parking spots at Brainard Lake. The road to the Long Lake Trailhead was already closed due to parking lot being full.
    Still with all the people on the trail, everybody was very courteous, so no issues to move at a good pace. Don't forget to stop and enjoy the views! :-)

    Laszlo Balogh completed Pawnee Pass Trail

    11 months ago