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    L D added Track - Jun 25, 11:26 AM

    5 months ago

    L D reviewed Mandeville Canyon Trail

    5 months ago

    I'm laying here after hiking and I don't know if it's the sun or just taking the more challenging parts of trail but I'm tired... lol This is a nice hike. What I like about it is that it is challenging enough to hike/run without being disappointed that there were no ocean views because of the haze. There is no shade so be sure to stay hydrated or hike closer to sunset. This trail is dog-friendly so be on the lookout since some people some don't pick up after their dogs.

    The fire road trail is wide and paved in a way that is versatile enough to hike/bike ride and have your dog off-leash. On this particular day it was kind of hazy so I didn't get the clearest views of the ocean but I read that in a clear day you can see to Catalina. Always be aware that not only are there lizards and snakes but also dog poop to watch for. Also know that some of the mountain bikers come down hill quickly so be alert.

    This was my first time but I found out about it because I wanted a trail that was close enough that I could take the dog with he visits. I like that there is a parking lot but also adequate street parking. Respect the neighborhood and when you visit we shouldn't have to worry about permits when the lot is full.

    With nice views, a versatile trail and being another gem on the west side I can say that I would recommend this trail for those looking for a little bit of a challenge. Stay hydrated.

    L D completed Mandeville Canyon Trail

    5 months ago

    L D reviewed Paseo Miramar Trail

    6 months ago

    This was a nice moderate hike. The trail path is easy to follow and the views are great. It's somewhat of a standard Santa Monica Mountains/Pacific Palisades trail. The more I go to these different trails the more that I realize that many of them connect and for me the journey a lot of times is just seeing where the path takes me. The views are essentially the same but from higher vistas and deeper into the mountains you see things that give each their own character. I've been to Los Liones trail and relatively speaking this is a little easier. Apparently they connect at some point.

    It's a gradual climb, but can be moderately difficult at the beginning. There isn't any shade so be prepared if you go on a sunny day. You'll see a lot of lizards and there are signs that warn of rattlesnakes. This trail is not pet friendly and I wouldn't take a young child too far because of the initial climb and lack of shade. I can say that on this particular day there was a decent amount people on the path. I imagine it being busier when the sun is out and the sky is clear.

    I ended up taking this to the Parker Mesa Overlook and it was highlight of the trek up. Whether it's Temescal, Los Liones or any trail within the Santa Monica Mountains/Will Rogers Park area you'll be greeted with some great views. The journey, scenery and curiosity alway propels me up to see something special. The remainder of the hike to that point was relatively easy but also started to seem redundant because you didn't know when it would end but once I got there it was worth it.

    This is a nice hike with some beautiful views and I can't wait to get back on a clearer day.

    L D completed Paseo Miramar Trail

    6 months ago

    L D added First time

    6 months ago

    L D reviewed Inspiration Point Trail

    6 months ago

    Be inspired to take it higher.

    I've been to Temescal, Los Liones, Murphy Ranch and others in the area. I never really knew how they all connected but I always appreciated that each trail offered its own difficulty, views, history and charm. On this occasion I was looking for Rustic Canyon Loop trail and once again I found myself everywhere but where I intended to be.

    I arrived at the trail and found that the parking was $12 or a sign that I believe said $3 per hour. Either use exact cash or make sure you have your card with you. Before heading up the trail I knew to expect beautiful views because the skies were clear and I was already somewhat familiar with other trails in the area. I saw horses from the park as I was heading up.

    There are certain parts of the trail that are dog friendly but beyond Inspiration Point there are signs posted that warn of Mountain Lions. There are lizards all over the place and I was told that there was a rattlesnake so I was definitely on alert. The grade is a gradual climb to Inspiration Point not too difficult but it checks the box for view. You will be inspired from that point because you'll see the panoramic beauty of downtown LA, Santa Monica, the Palisades, Malibu the ocean and the grounds that make up Will Rogers State Park. It's really beautiful out there.

    After leaving Inspiration Point I was inspired to go higher so after speaking to another gentleman I finally found a sign that said Rustic Canyon. I've tried to get there on different occasions but I could never find it while using my GPS. Long review short I went up another 2 miles or so. The path is pretty easy to follow and they do a great job of marking the direction so you stay the course.

    I will definitely return here and make sure I have a fully charged phone and downloaded map so that that I can go deeper into the trail and see things that I haven't from the other trails that are a part of this park. I suggest this to those that want to find themselves getting lost in the view, the history and the challenge of going to different paths. Let Inspiration Point and Will Rodgers (Rogers) land inspire you to continue dreaming and climbing to reach another level in life.

    L D completed Inspiration Point Trail

    6 months ago

    L D reviewed Temescal Canyon Trail

    6 months ago

    This is my second time here. It is a moderate trek with nice views and a depending on the the season there's a waterfall. There is a pretty decent incline on your way up the hill where you find a great view of the ocean, the hills and the Palisades. It takes about 30-45 minutes to summit if you are a moderate hiker and keep a good pace. The terrain is a mix between packed dirt and loose rocky terrain so you have to have good traction on your shoes/boots.

    There is a $10 parking lot that leads into the trail. For free parking park on Temescal Canyon Rd rather than in the lot for the park. There are bathrooms and a friendly Ranger on the site so it is accommodating when you first arrive.

    You have to bring lots of water, sunscreen, and a hat because most of the trail not shaded. It gets hot there so you have to be aware that there are rattlesnakes that are trying to get heat from the sun. This is not a dog-friendly trail because the sun can be extreme and the exposure to snakes and lizards are risky.

    This is a great trail. There are breath-taking views every 5 minutes on the way up and the peak offers a 360 view of Santa Monica, Malibu, vineyards, and LA. There's so much to see and it's a great place to appreciate what LA and the west side has to offer.

    L D completed Temescal Canyon Trail

    7 months ago

    L D reviewed Murphy Ranch Trail

    8 months ago

    Disclaimer: If this review makes no sense it's because there's no autosave on this apps. Had to rewrite it a few times.

    I accidentally found this trail. I intended on going to the Rustic Canyon Trail but somehow after missing a turn, my GPS took me up a winding hill through a beautiful neighborhood in the Palisades.

    Although I'd seen pictures of this particular trail and noticed that it was one of the closest ones to me I always went to others e.g. Escondido, Temescal, Solstice etc. to explore. This is an interesting trail with a history that I'm sure you'll read in other reviews. I don't want to give the wrong story about what it was built for. I heard 2 different stories of the history of this place.

    I felt like Chicago Jones instead of Indiana as I walked through the ruins of the trail. There's a lot of graffiti on the path and although some of it is cool, I wasn't a fan of empty spray cans and paint on the natural surfaces e.g. trees, rocks and sides of cliffs. The juxtaposition of nature and man-made structures was cool in that in the future when people look back at a place like this they'll hear its origin story and see the graffiti (hieroglyphics) and be able to interpret the messages that people left.

    The trail is cool and the only reason I didn't take the stairs is because I wanted to stay on the path to prevent from getting lost. Since I went solo and had no idea what was in store I figured for my safety and lack of cell phone service it was better to explore but stay on the trail. Next time I go I will try to enter from another entrance so that I can try the stairs and maybe see things that I may have missed.

    All in all I would suggest this place as a moderately difficult trail. There's still a lot that I want to see so I'll be returning. There are some cool views of the ocean and with all of the buildings some cool photo opps. If you get a chance check it out.

    L D completed Murphy Ranch Trail

    8 months ago

    L D reviewed Point Dume Cove Trail

    12 months ago

    This place is majestic! I originally went here about 5 years ago but never thought to review it. Just from the back of the beach and close to the cliff you'll different paths that brings you to the top of the cliff. The actual Point in Point Dume. The hike is relatively easy and I'm sure most people go for the view more than the workout. The trails are narrow in some points and no trees to protect you from the sun. The view from the top is awesome but you must watch your step because there is nothing but nature and a steep fall between you and the beach.

    Depending on time of year and time of day you may see sea lions, surfers (by the cove) and whales below. There is a tiny parking area with about 8 spaces and 2 hour parking that leads to the cliffs and a somewhat rusted staircase that leads down to the cove. I hope that it never gets crowded but I feel this is the type of place everyone must witness to appreciate the art of The Creator and the care of Mother Nature. It's a relatively hidden gem to the locals and those of us that want to go off the beaten path.

    This is a beautiful place to be if you want to reflect, meditate or just take pictures. Although I took pictures it's always good to get away from the congestion and think about what else is out there for us dreamers. If you can't appreciate the cliff then what's the Point?

    L D completed Point Dume Cove Trail

    12 months ago

    L D reviewed Solstice Canyon Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    I've been to this trail a few times and I appreciate what the terrain has to offer. It is close to the beach and right off of the PCH. 

    Solstice Canyon Trail is relatively popular because of the multiple additional attractions you can find along the trail. It is a nice short stroll with barely any elevation change. 
    Some of the highlights include the oldest still-standing stone building in Malibu, a small waterfall and creek, and several ruins - including the ruins of Robert's Ranch House. We went on the solstice canyon trail up to Robert's ranch house. 

    I went on the 2.1 mile trail up to the waterfall, great place for pictures. The trail is paved most of the way so walking is relatively easy. This is a pet-friendly trail and you will most likely see families with their dogs on and off-leash out there. As you walk I'm sure you will see some beautiful flowers, lizards and hear wildlife in the bushes. Depending on what part of the trail you walk you will have a decent amount of shade as you head up towards the waterfall. The waterfall is small but it runs year round (very rare find) and is nice although the railing around it is a little unsightly. There are connecting trails that go up the canyon sides so you can hike for quite a while. Those are steeper and more open. 

    I would say this is a very do-able hike if you are in shape. I actually saw an elderly lady walking while I was on my way there. On my way back down I saw her, and her party still en-route to the waterfall so it's relatively easy to do.

    Parking and entrance to the park are free. There is a small lot with about 5 or 6 spaces upon entering the park. If you go further into the entrance of the park there is a lot with about 20 spaces in addition to some parking off to the side of the of the lot. When I can't find parking in those lots I drive up the hill before you enter the initial parking lot and there is an area to park overlooking the beach and PCH. I actually prefer parking there for the picturesque views and walking down to add some steps to my hike.

    If you're chasing Waterfalls this is a decent trail to start.

    L D completed Solstice Canyon Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    L D reviewed Eaton Canyon Trail

    about 1 year ago

    I definitely enjoyed this trail and it was worth chasing the waterfall. I drove all the way from the west side so I was happy see the waterfall. There have been too many hikes that I've went in search of waterfalls only to find that they were weak because of the drought.

    This trail was very scenic and the terrain varied enough for it to be challenging, charming and fun. I definitely enjoyed it. The water was cold and brisk but it felt good to be that close to nature and feel safe. It's definitely go back.

    L D completed Eaton Canyon Trail

    about 1 year ago

    L D saved Santa Ynez Canyon Waterfall Trail

    about 1 year ago