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    Member Since September 2014

    Kylie Yancey

    Weaverville, North Carolina 

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    Kylie Yancey reviewed Ball Hut Track

    5 months ago

    Good trail once you actually make it to the trail head. The 4WD is long and gets really windy. Made it a day hike to the hut, which was very manageable and nice not to have big packs over some really tricky rock scrambles. The actual trail has a great path on the moraine-very unique! Not a ton of elevation gain, but very rocky.

    Kylie Yancey completed Ball Hut Track

    5 months ago

    Kylie Yancey completed Kepler Track

    5 months ago

    Kylie Yancey reviewed Kepler Track

    5 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful trail!! Wanted to do it but couldn’t get a hut, so three of us packed our tent and did the campsites. Definitely recommend going Brod Bay to Luxmore, as going Counter clockwise is a bit more gradual of an incline (still steep!). Once you get up, you stay high and it’s a stunning traverse over some great ridges. One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. The sand fly’s can be gnarly so bring bug spray! Easy to do in two nights.

    Kylie Yancey saved Little Bradley Falls Trail

    almost 5 years ago