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    Member Since February 2017

    Kyle Myers Pro-red@3x

    Concord, California 

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    Kyle Myers reviewed Old Man Corona Loop

    3 months ago

    Solid hike easy access definitely a go to in the future

    Kyle Myers completed Old Man Corona Loop

    3 months ago

    Kyle Myers reviewed Verde Hot Spring

    3 months ago

    Starting to work on bicycle camping and started with the access road great ride in. For those taking the vehicles 2wd will be highly challenged and may not make it. I have taken my Chevy spark, decent ground clearance, on tougher trails but I don’t think would have made it. Easier hike in but great riparian area with a relatively lush feel. Be ready for a naked dude at the end but everyone was respectful and the guy had a great story about the history of the springs. Stick with the hot spring in the building, as I was told the out door one used to have have a good flow but has slowed in recent years which with heat grows all types of stuff. The one in the building has a great flow and good heat. Happy trails!

    Kyle Myers completed Verde Hot Spring

    3 months ago

    Kyle Myers completed Pyramid Trail

    3 months ago

    Kyle Myers reviewed Battleship Mountain

    3 months ago

    Have to agree first five miles standard for the area but once you start the decent into the canyon worth it. You can follow the creek bed if you like rock hopping but people have set up the cairns well to follow, following them you jump over the main creek/rock bed a few times before getting to the base access for the battleship climb. Several good places to set up if you are back packing in. Done it a few times over winter but summer people get air lifted so be cautious. If you bring the filter there are a few pools you can access once you hit the canyon, but again the sun hits hard, bring more water than you think you need if you aren’t used to AZ sun, speaking as a CA transplant used to a little heat, safe hiking.

    Kyle Myers reviewed Italian Bar Trail

    3 months ago

    Loved this trail. It is a challenge and significant parts overgrown but not too difficult to follow. It is straight down then straight back up. Trail head is a little misleading but once you dead end head straight back and you will see the sign. Worth it for a few old Ming equipment pieces at the bottom. Happy trails and be ready for the incline back up.

    Kyle Myers completed Italian Bar Trail

    3 months ago

    Kyle Myers saved Italian Bar Trail

    3 months ago

    Kyle Myers saved Bull Run Lake Trail

    over 2 years ago