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    Member Since October 2019

    Krystal Hankins

    Denver, Colorado 

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    Krystal Hankins reviewed North Table Mountain and Rim Rock Loop

    10 days ago

    this trail is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you come in on the north side of the mountain, there is no shade for your entire hike, beside a few trees near the end. when I started it, I was not prepared for how long and vigorous it is. there were a lot of people on bikes up there. the Mesa loop would have been nice to stop at and try to see an eagle or a hawk, but I'd gone left and already took the long way around so I didn't stay. I got a little turned around at the end because I couldn't see where I had parked my car. still a pretty cool hike. the power lines at the top of the peak were kind of creepy as I could hear the electricity going through them. didn't see any rattlesnakes but I'm sure they are there.

    Krystal Hankins reviewed Dakota Ridge and Red Rocks Trail Loop

    12 days ago

    Google maps took me to the wrong place when I tried to go here. so I drove around the other side of the mountain and saw the dinosaur trail. went up that road, then up the Dakota trail facing west. definitely not an easy trail by any means. easy to break an ankle up there. there is nothing between a person and falling off a pretty steep cliff on the left, but that is part of hiking and using common sense. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. great hike. awesome views. cool history.

    Krystal Hankins reviewed Jim Baker Reservior Trail

    12 days ago

    pretty flat. no shade except on the north side by the trees. gravel trail. fishing allowed. no boats of wading allowed. right next to the train tracks and a road. short hike and sort of disappointing.

    Krystal Hankins reviewed Inspiration Point Park

    13 days ago

    I gets 2 stars for the historical significance but it was generally unimpressive. it's gives you a good view of the smog in the mountains and the amount of traffic there is on I70. very easy trail though if you're a beginner. had a sign up that it was under maintenance

    Krystal Hankins reviewed Sloan Lake Loop

    13 days ago

    longer hike than I expected for the full loop. lots of homeless people but they kept to themselves. park for the kids. lots of dogs. park Ranger on site. boating and sailing and body boarding allowed.

    Krystal Hankins completed Sloan Lake Loop

    13 days ago