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    6 months ago

    Great trail with beautiful lush forest, a cedar grove, bridges and a waterfall. Plan plenty of time for the hike and know that there is a third of a mile hike just to the trailhead.

    I’m not sure where the review in All Trails for the loop starts to get the 8.5 miles. I was expecting to hit the waterfall 2.5 miles in from the trailhead, but it was closer to 3. We came up just short of the top of the waterfall due to time constraints, and our out and back trip from the parking lot was 7.1 miles rather than then 5 miles I had planned on.

    Looks like several other potential trail intersect this one as future possibilities.

    A great trail near town with nice views of both the Spokane Valley from the Iller Creek side, and of the Palouse from near Rocks of Sharon on the Stevens Creek side.
    If coming from Iller Creek Trailhead, the trail to the right (western side) of the trail will provide you shade and a more gradual elevation gain, while the trail that heads off to the left (the more eastern side) is steeper and more exposed. Keep that in mind as you assess the season, the temperatures, and time of day.

    This trail is also used by mountain bikers. It is heavily trafficked.

    8 months ago

    This only shows a portion of the Mt. Kit Carson Trail to summit that starts at Trail 100. I accidentally deleted the recording of the majority of the trail. Regardless, this 6.1 mike trail is an out and back trail that is dog friendly and traverses through dense forest to arrive at a 360 degree view from the summit!

    Most of the trail has only very slight elevation gain, the only exception being the initial section as you ascend Trail 110 where this recording took place and then another section near the summit.

    This trip took us 3 hours, including a 10 minute rest at the top.

    A great half- day hike!!

    4 months ago

    7 months ago