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    Member Since January 2019

    Krissy Patterson Pro-red@3x

    Greensboro, North Carolina 

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    Krissy Patterson reviewed The Watchman Trail

    6 days ago

    Rocky trail in parts. Wear good shoes. Nice viewpoint for pics. Try to avoid the heat of the day.

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Navajo Loop Trail

    7 days ago

    Shaded in some areas. Great views of the hoodoos. Go early as there are lots of tourists. Short hike.

    Krissy Patterson completed Navajo Loop Trail

    7 days ago

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Fairyland Loop Trail

    7 days ago

    Insane views but strenuous hike. It is a full 8.0 miles if you do the full loop. Awesome scenery!

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Yovimpa Point

    8 days ago

    Easy. Ok views

    Krissy Patterson completed Yovimpa Point

    8 days ago

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Grand Canyon Bridle Trail

    8 days ago

    Nice flat trail that allows you to see a lot around the Grand Canyon lodge

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Roosevelt Point Trail

    9 days ago

    Great views. The hike is pretty non existent. If shorts on it’s not very pleasant due to tall grass and other plants on the narrow trail. Views are worth it.

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Cliff Springs Trail

    9 days ago

    Longer than 1.1 out and back. Incredibly Rocky In places. Trail hard to follow in parts. Would definitely not recommend anyone trail running here.

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Cape Royal Trail

    9 days ago

    Nice stroll with amazing views. The best I have seen on the north rim. Great for all fitness levels.

    Krissy Patterson reviewed North Kaibab Trail to Roaring Springs

    9 days ago

    Go Early. We started at 5am and were able to see the sunrise. Great views on the way down. Hike can be strenuous going up. Definitely assess your fitness level. Glad I did it

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Transept Trail

    9 days ago

    Nice shade and multiple changes in vegetation. Fairly easy.

    Krissy Patterson completed Cape Royal Trail

    9 days ago

    Krissy Patterson completed Transept Trail

    9 days ago

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Bright Angel Point Trail

    10 days ago

    Amazing views. A must do! Easy Hike. The path is paved

    Krissy Patterson reviewed Fay Canyon Trail

    11 days ago

    Wonderful Hike! Very pleasant. We did this hike at 7am on a Sunday. Tons of shade and different types of vegetation. Beautiful views. The trail is mostly flat until you get to the end of the maintained part. The last .3 miles is straight up and you will have to do a bit of scrambling. All in all a great trail and a must do.