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    Kimberly Richards completed Greenbriar Trail

    4 days ago

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Crane Canyon to Garapito Canyon Trail

    11 days ago

    Creds- Have AllTrails Pro so know on correct path, mileage and time at any point (GPS excellent).

    Free designated parking at trailhead.

    Started at 11:am since temps now cooler (less than 80F). Went counter clockwise. Trail starts to go into canyon with 2 miles, so don’t be fooled by Trail names such as ‘road’ on map. ~85% on trails (not fire roads or neighborhoods). The neighborhood walk portion was less than 1 mi and was a house here and there-few houses are really away from civilization.

    There was one slightly steep section going down, but walkable. Uphill on way back not significant- recommend going counter clockwise. Breeze entire route. Lots of shaded areas but definitely need hat and 2 liters of water.

    Entire trail great condition. Never had to sit / use hands going down or up. Never had to duck under trees. Lots of views. Lots of dead/ dried out flora- from drought? Fauna - family of quails, lizards, 1 small garden snake. Saw ~8 hikers.

    Great hike!

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Hogback Loop Trail

    17 days ago

    This should be rated difficult. I have pro version of AllTrails so know I was following prescribed trail. Not acceptable in one section -20 to 40’ drop off. Multiple areas had to scramble.

    Started counter clockwise. Thought Trail was gorgeous with views to ocean and Catalina Island poking out behind Palos Verdes Peninsula, especially with clouds providing shade.

    7.4 mi in when you get to Vermont Canyon Road where Greek Theatre located, across street is where you will have to scramble up 100+ feet (this isn’t shown as an actual ‘dotted line path’ on map). Poles won’t work and forget it if raining. 8 mi in where Trail connects with Riverside Trail there is a 20 to 40 foot drop off. I have a video showing a man against this cliff. This was not acceptable- AllTrails needs to fix this. I took chance by scrambling down then jumping since ~8 mi in for 9.8 mi hike. Check out my photos and video of this ridiculous cliff with man at base so you can see significant drop off.

    I do not recommend this hike because of this drop off. Or take an alternative route starting at Greek Theater to Riverside Trail-avoiding 100+ uphill scramble and 20+ foot drop off.

    Kimberly Richards completed Hogback Loop Trail

    18 days ago

    Kimberly Richards followed Jae Townsend

    3 months ago

    Kimberly Richards followed El Cracko Diablo

    3 months ago

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Temescal Canyon Will Rogers Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    Started 8:45am. Weather misty entire hike. Started clockwise. 5.4 mi in, Will Rogers trail closed (why rated only 3 stars). Tried anyway: Trail completely overgrown, miner landslides, then heard large animal coming my way, so about 50 to 100 steps in turned around and returned way I hiked in. So only 10.5 mi hike. Hike up was beautiful though.

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Sullivan Canyon and Mandeville Canyon Loop

    4 months ago

    Great hike.
    Stated 8:am Saturday since only 64F & overcast. Went counter clockwise. First 1.3 mi very steep and think difficult to run down if went clockwise. Like to get elevation gain over with in beginning. Picnic tables around mid point. Last 4 mi ish in mostly tree canopy. Trail perfect for running down hill. Lots of friendly women and men on trail. Trail out of Brentwood. Moderate traffic on Saturday. No snakes or lions.
    BEWARE of hidden no parking signs.

    Kimberly Richards followed Todd Richards

    4 months ago

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Puerco Motorway to Mesa Peak Trail

    4 months ago

    Started 8:am. Parking directions correct and right at trailhead. Ascent is 2.9 mi. There was only one tree grove ~5.0 mi in. Excellent trails >15’ width.

    Very cool stopping point is Corral Caves. Climb into one of the caves for lunch . Nothing at end point of trail.

    Definitely need 3 liter of water (I make hibiscus tea, refreshing mint tea / Little caffeine, with lots of ice) and hat.

    Coastal weather gorgeous.

    Saw no snakes. Lots of women and men on trails. All friendly.

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Verdugo Crest Trail and Beaudry Trail Loop

    4 months ago

    Left at 8:am in June. Recommend starting earlier. Parking great on weekday. First 1.8 mi extremely hard if start counter clockwise. I’m reminded of this trail portion every night on ABC channel 7 news since backdrop. Highly recommend counter clockwise since can’t imagine going down that steep of grade. When going up steep grade pay attention to route since don’t want to get stuck on loose gravel and start sliding.

    Once you get to top you go all the way down again on Beaudry South Trail. You go all the way up again and that is it for major ascents.

    Hiking in summer bring and drink at least 3 liters of water and wear a hat- very important. For easy hydration I make hibiscus tea with refreshing mint tea. Very drinkable with a little caffeine, lots of ice to keep colder longer.

    Note: I was only female out on this hike. Everyone friendly. Saw no snakes. Did see deer.