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    Kimberly Richards reviewed Temescal Canyon Will Rogers Loop Trail

    1 day ago

    Creds- AllTrails Pro. 13.9 mi, ~2,800’ El Gain. Moving time 5:50. Suggest giving ‘AllTrails Pro ‘great Xmas gift- don’t have to worry about getting lost.

    Started 8:30 am Wednesday 12 Dec 2018. Lots of available Parking for $10. Went counter clockwise, Recommendation clockwise if want to run down.

    Followed AllTrails. Trail in great condition except small section right before Temescal Road, but doable. If going clockwise there is a Closed’ sign.

    Enjoyed hike since 90% trails and lots of spectacular views. Great to hike when ~65F instead of 80 F plus. Mostly women hiking this trail (too hard for guys?) . Just enough traffic to clear spider webs, snakes, and lions for me- thank you.

    Critical to bring at least 3 liters water and food. Highly recommend wearing hat.

    Great hike this time of year.

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail

    6 days ago

    Creds. AllTrails Pro - amazed people hike with out Pro version. Pro version bulletproof for not getting lost. Extremely easy to get lost on this trail without Pro version. Only $30 annually and no internet required. There is no internet service when you enter the Angeles National Forest. Yes trying to make a point.

    10.4 mi, 1,699’ El Gain, 4:45 minutes travel time.

    Adventure Pass required. $5 one time or $29 annually (the one I have)

    Parked 8:am Saturday 8 Dec 2018. Gorgeous day with significant flowing river %85 of trail from rain 2 days ago. Expect to cross river 3 to 4 times getting wet up to knees (I’m 5’8).

    Definitely doing this hike again!

    Kimberly Richards reviewed Gabrielino Trail to El Prieto Trail Loop

    10 days ago

    Creds: Used AllTrails Pro. AllTrails accurate. Trail well maintained.

    Started Monday 3 Dec 2018, 6:45am and went counter clockwise. Gorgeous creek side trails. Wells’s Peak at crest (2952’) with log to sit on great break point to eat and for views. Hike moving time ~6.5 hours.

    Highly recommend hike in fall/winter/spring.

    Summer gets easily 110F and would need 4/5 liters of water and food. Recommend only experienced hikers with desert survival training go in summer.