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    Kevin Haskins completed Wallace Falls Trail

    11 months ago

    Kevin Haskins added g

    11 months ago

    Kevin Haskins reviewed Snow Lakes Trail

    about 4 years ago

    Ignore the people who clearly didn't make it to even Lake Nada. This is a strenuous hike simply due to the elevation gain over a long distance. Climbing and switchbacks are just part of hiking so if you don't like to work, don't hike. There are water sources all the way up with the exception of maybe the first mile where you climb up from Icicle Creek. My biggest complaint is that there isn't any chance for solitude. The Enchantments are popular and you meet people in both directions frequently along the trail.

    This trail is a smoker though. If you carry excessive weight or if you are not in shape get ready for a miserable couple days of exercise.

    Kevin Haskins completed Snow Lakes Trail

    about 4 years ago

    Kevin Haskins reviewed Lake Serene Trail

    about 4 years ago

    How you rate a trail depends on what you value. It is an easy access trail with a steady stream of traffic. If you want solitude ....this is the wrong hike. It is more like making a trip to the shopping mall.

    It is a great training route though. It is close to home, good climb, and I can knock it out in 4-5 hours including my drive time. Lake Serene is pretty and watching avalanches off Index is a treat early in the season.

    Most people rate this a strenuous hike. I've found one person's strenuous is another's easy but if the amount of times you are asked "are we almost there" as you descend is an indicator, most find it difficult. I get an evil thrill out of telling people they have another hour or so right near the top. It is one of my favorite parts of this hike.

    Kevin Haskins added Olympics

    over 4 years ago