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    Kevin T Pro-red@3x

    Pittsboro, North Carolina 

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    Kevin T reviewed Pilot Mountain via Mountain, Grindstone, Jomeokee, and Ledge Spring Trails

    16 days ago

    The trail was much easier than I anticipated. My son and I hiked this trail in reverse order opting to hike up Pilot Mt first while our legs were still fresh. The only section that was moderately difficult was the Ledge Spring descent. There were great views at the top of Pilot Mt but not so many during the rest of the trek. We selected a great day to hike and the trail was very pleasant. We completed the trek in just under 4 hrs. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, with only about 1.5 miles left in our trek, my phone switched into battery saver mode and stopped tracking our hike.

    Kevin T saved Five Peaks Hike

    28 days ago

    Kevin T reviewed Black Mountain Crest Trail

    28 days ago

    I've hiked this trail twice, my first and last time! We hiked the BMCT as a final practice hike for our upcoming Philmont trek. Although I knew it would be difficult I wasn't prepared for the seemingly endless accent UP of the first 4 miles. However, after stopping for lunch and a quick nap at the top (Celo Knob). I had enough energy to trek on. The views at the top and along the crest were amazing. We camped at Deep Gap for the night and found the natural water springs our Troop had used on previously BMCT hikes had almost dried up. To find water we had to backtrack a bit down a side trail (Colbert Ridge Tr) to find a very small spring that had a trickling flow off the side of a rock face. We collected the water in backpacking pots, filtered it, and added tables. It took almost 2 hrs to collect enough water for our crew of 14. The next day's trek to Mt Mitchell was filled with difficult ups and downs accompanied by spectacular views. I have never been SO glad to finish a hike as I was for this one. To anyone attempting this hike be mindful of the scarcity of water and be very careful if hiking this trail in wet conditions. Our trek was somewhat dry but some of the rocks/boulders were still very slippery and slick. Although at the beginning of this trail review I stated that I would not hike the BMCT again I may give it another try with a lighter pack and a lighter me. Good luck to anyone attempting the BMCT and enjoy.

    Kevin T saved Black Mountain Crest Trail

    about 1 month ago

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