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    the multiple water falls make this hike fun. otherwise it's boring trees until the last portion where the valley opens up near the lakes. not a hard hike at all, this rating is crazy. very steady with small elevation bumps along the way. felt like a nice walk most of the way

    5 months ago

    good short hike with an easy trail. awesome spot at the top. had snow flurries for some larch hunting and did not disappoint!

    Fantastic trail! the falls is a quick and easy trip and you should definitely make the side 0.5mile visit. catch it in the fog and be ready for amazing pictures.
    the lake requires much more work, not hard but persistent elevation gain through a mostly well kept trail with wide-breasted stairs throughout. plenty of things to look at along the way not just boring dirt. the lake itself was clouded out for me but still awesome to be up there.

    5 months ago

    super easy trail with pretty views at the end. Not worth more than 1.9m one way but if you're pressed on time this is good

    7 months ago

    4h up, 3h down. Well kept trail up to chicken out ridge. Not a tough scramble, only 1 section where a fall would be disastrous but totally doable keeping 3 points of contact and taking your time. the snow bridge was almost gone with only a small area requiring you to walk on snow. Following the flattish section the trail becomes hard to follow with very few cairns. This is the most dangerous section as footing is very loose with danger of rock fall. Stick to the ridge crest on your right for a much safer and fun route. This will require some easy bouldering. Enjoy the summit, there is still an American flag there to hoist.

    phenomenal hike

    Right out of the gate is a large push uphill with decent elevation gain. Not bad from trailhead but coming back TO the trailhead is a burner. After peaking you will encounter sharp annoying brush that encapsulates you. this leads to a split, go left. Ensuing is an easy hike along the river and over a ridgeline. Eventually you hit the meadow which is nice but should be passed on for a campsite at the top of the ledge. The scramble isn't bad at all, a few areas with loose scree and dirt that should be used with caution, very possible to do with a large pack. Follow the cairns, approaching the scramble there is a rock slide to the left behind a small flower patch that appears to be the trail. Do NOT take this, very dangerous. The real path is more to the right. Larger granite slabs await at the top for the final push to the lake. Enjoy the views and take a dip. very refreshing.

    plenty of water filling spots, gets very hot, alot 4-6 hours depending on shape. Possible in 3. Start very early to avoid sun. no boots necessary, used pair of keens and performed great. lots of tick opportunities,
    deet up. road up in good condition. watch out for fallen rocks

    great hike. not bad at all if in halfway decent shape. tons of mosquitos so wear strong stuff
    blast through the woods to ridgeline and then it gets rocky. there is a meandering trail that can be easy to lose in the shale. don't trust footing it will betray you. give person in front space.
    final scramble is cake. pilot rock is more technical, no rope in needed.

    you gotta love rocks for this one. starts out as a stroll in the woods then never ending rocks to break your pace and rhythm. trail is void of snow

    not a hard hike by any standard, great views at the top, and bouldering for when you get bored.

    the trail was poorly marked after the Ridgeline, added about 20 cairns to help. look for small white dots spray painted on rock as well as orange plastic ribbon on trees to help wayfind.

    9 months ago

    start at river bridge entrance, the abbot rd entrance is completely overgrown after .25mile mark. Unless youre bringing a machete or battleaxe forget it, you'll be fighting Ents on your way to Isengard.

    the natural bridge trail is cool, around 2 miles you can hike out on a horn right above a waterfall for sweet pics and spot for a beer.

    9 months ago

    easy trail, moderately steep on some portions but no clue why its rated as hard. boring hike most of the way, once you get into the crags its cool. the dome scramble isnt bad, reviews on here seem to reflect pansies not willing to live a little. pilot rock is way more dangerous and thats a breeze. do yourself a favor and summit the dome

    10 months ago

    great hike! well worth the distance

    roads up to parking area are clear although the lot is full of water.

    start the hike with switch backs, level out then ascend a seeming never ending incline. Rest assured once you hit sheeps creek slide it gets easier incline wise. Snow free until wagner glade, ranging from 1 inch to 18 inches of snow in some area. Most of the bootpack is solid but some steps send you post holing. great views at the top. not very rocky

    enjoy and sign the log at the top

    10 months ago

    first 2.5-3 miles are super boring. just trees. then you hit the ridgelone with amazing views and its good after that. some rocky sections of trail, lots of bugs
    absolutely stunning views at top

    had trail to myself today

    10 months ago

    The road up is completely clear and devoid of snow and the tree that had fallen has been cut. Beware of potholes hiding in shadows once you turn up the grizzly peak 1.7m sign, there are some whoppers.

    The trail is almost completely clear of snow, some small sections but not deep at all. As expected in spring, icy in the morning, mud mid day, and muck in the afternoon. Extremely slippery, poles for balance or shoe traction is welcomed.

    11 months ago

    the trail connects to stout grove but you have to ford a stream that can be deep and fast moving. easy to miss trailhead, right after bridge tucked away

    11 months ago

    great place for a fire and sunset with libations

    11 months ago

    beautiful hike, dogs allowed on leashes.

    11 months ago

    just so you know this is the 2mile trail. the last fork of "road" is not a road, its the actual trail. There is the soda mountain wilderness sign. parking lot, and bathroom.

    Monday, January 29, 2018

    hiked yesterday midday after the fog cleared. Clear roads up to Shale City Road then you get some snow/ice/slush. This is passable through the intersection but I started sliding in 4wd shortly pass that. Probably couldve powered through but it got a bit steeper and didnt want to risk it. Walked about a mile to the actual trailhead.

    Trail was very icey you dont need foot traction as I did it with normal boots, but they would be very helpful and would take a little zing outta the ole legs.

    Once trail splits, if you go right to summit it takes a little while longer to reach but has more rewarding views. if you just want to get there go left to loop trail.

    some sections of the trail were hard to find as there were no visible footprints but if you scan the snow you should see a tunnelesque shape meandering, thats it. As always a gps never hurt anybody.

    Happy footing

    went up the lower cammerer trail, longggg. great views. would say going up the low gap, even though steep and rocky, would be easier with a low grade descent on the lower cammerer

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