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    Member Since August 2017

    Kenneth Kiwicz

    Macomb, Michigan 

    Kenneth J Kiwicz is a sales professional with extensive, hands-on experience in business to business sales. With an innate fervor for excellence, he has successfully mastered the art of business development, account management, and customer service. Innately curious, Kenneth can excavate great insight about his customers, propelling the organizations he is associated with, towards long-term customer relations, catalyzing sales revenue and brand visibility.

    His enthusiasm is infectious and his colleagues thoroughly praise his unfettered determination. It won’t be an overstatement to call him an absolute pleasure to work with and it is no surprise that he bagged an award for achieving sales goals and helping others achieve theirs. He has incorporated his sociability in his worth ethic, cultivating affable relationships with his peers and customers alike. It is partially due to this quality that renders him a great asset for sales companies.

    Kenneth is innovative and imaginative, always looking for cutting-edge solutions to problems, that too, successfully! It is due to this that he performs at par in budgeting and planning. His success is enclosed in numbers contained in his resume, where he effectively saved customers resources and capital. His customers praise his expertise and commitment in devising solutions to mitigate time and costs. His guidance is highly valued for he gives his 100% to every project that comes his way due to his unmatched project management skills.

    Kenneth’s success comes from his drive to learn and he considers this a continual process. His relentless curiosity aids his work as a sales professional. He prioritizes others above his own self, transcending that which meets the eye. He can delve into what the customers want and what problems they are facing and then meets these challenges with sincere enthusiasm. The amalgamation of the two propels him to find solutions that mutually benefit the customer and the company.

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