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    Kenneth Johnson reviewed Coosa Backcountry Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Beautiful trail, the elevation gains are frequent and quite steep. Not much to look at on the trail in terms of rock formations/waterfalls etc, but if done in early spring, there are plenty of views to be seen through the trees. I did this as a two-night trip, however, and included a detour to the AT up to Blood Mountain to make the incline less intense.

    On the final day, after making it back to Coosa from the AT, we got caught in a thunderstorm for a while and lost the trail somewhere around 2-3 miles away from Vogel State Park, due to some fallen trees and trying to hurry to get out of the rain and probably not looking around as much as we should have. Had to spend a little while scrambling around trying to find it again before giving up and following the creek for a minute where we came across Bear Hair trail. Definitely be aware and scope out where you're about to head before attempting it. We saw several tracks straying away from the trail at some points, so we definitely weren't the first to get lost. I think this section of the trail had been rerouted several times, too, because even with decent cell signal and a trail tracking app, the map we were looking at seemed less than accurate to what we experienced in practice.

    Also, we saw several reviews that mentioned water being scarce on this trail, but we seemed to come across it quite frequently. Could be a seasonal thing, but if you're doing this as an overnight and you have a water filter, you should be able to find plenty of spots to filter.

    Kenneth Johnson completed Coosa Backcountry Trail

    over 1 year ago