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    Kelsey Turnquist reviewed Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop

    2 days ago

    I was only intending to do Falling Waters, but once I got to the top I just couldn’t stop going! It was so amazing. Another thing that pushed me through is knowing how hard it would be to descend Falling Waters....I was so much happier on the way down Old Bridle. 6 hours and 45 mins including the time from my car and back to my car at the end. It was so busy I had to park almost a quarter mile down the highway! Bring a thick sweatshirt or jacket...It felt 30 degrees colder and extremely windy at the top.

    Kelsey Turnquist reviewed Barlow Trail and Winslow Trail Loop

    9 days ago

    Winslow up, Barlow down. Similar difficulty to Monadonock but shorter and less packed...our new favorite! Would at least rate Winslow as HARD, if you consider Monadonock hard. $4/adult, $2/kid. We were only the third car in the parking lot by 9am on a beautiful day, but by 11 it was pretty full. Porta-potties were very clean. Lots of bugs! Trail markers are burgandy on Winslow and a little hard to see sometimes.

    Kelsey Turnquist reviewed Uncanoonuc North Peak Trail

    12 days ago

    Couldn’t find it! We walked on every trail we could find and we kept getting further away from the map no matter which way we went. Ran into another family having the same problem. After half an hour we gave up and as I drove away I noticed a smaller parking lot further up mountain road that had a sign for white dot trail. That one looks like it would have taken us straight to the summit. We might come back to check it out someday...but there are definitely better, easier to follow trails out there!

    Kelsey Turnquist reviewed Ripley Falls Trail

    15 days ago

    It may be short but it is NOT easy! Well worth it but I’m glad I didn’t try this one with my daughter or mother based on the “easy” rating lol

    The falls are much bigger than I expected for the short hike. I’m glad I didn’t take the trail from the Frankenstein cliff trail side, it looks treacherous!

    Kelsey Turnquist completed Ripley Falls Trail

    15 days ago

    Kelsey Turnquist completed Artist Bluff Trail

    15 days ago

    Kelsey Turnquist completed Basin Cascade Trail

    16 days ago

    Kelsey Turnquist reviewed Wapack Trail/Marion Davis Trail

    21 days ago

    Rating should be changed to moderate

    Awesome hike! It’s Memorial Day, cool, cloudy, and still wet from the rain last night...I’m not sure how that affected the traffic but it was a perfect crowd. We didn’t feel alone but it wasn’t so packed that you have to hug a tree to let people pass every few minutes. My 10 year old daughter and I found the hike up Wapack too easy so we took the loop trail around the summit before heading down. It was our first time hiking on wet rocks but there was enough soil on the Marion Davis trail down that we didn’t get into trouble. I would not want to do that on Monadonock!

    Only reason for a 4...didn’t love the parking lot at the top.