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    Member Since June 2019

    Kelly Bowman Pro-red@3x

    Municipal District of Bighorn No. 8, Alberta, Canada 

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    Kelly Bowman reviewed The Quiraing Circuit

    7 days ago

    A nice hike with beautiful views - we did the hike last week after a fair bit of rain - the first half was much better than the second half. Trail was great and not that muddy. Once you are nearing the half way point though it gets really muddy - and when you climb the hill and go up to the top it’s almost all bog - coming down the other side we didn’t really know where the trail was as it was mostly washed out. Be prepared for wet and muddy feet if you do the full hike. If it’s wet, doing an out and back of the first lower half is probably your best bet unless well prepared.

    Kelly Bowman completed The Quiraing Circuit

    7 days ago

    Kelly Bowman saved Elbow Lake Loop

    3 months ago