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    Member Since November 2016

    keith favara Pro-red@3x

    Sandy, Utah 

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    keith favara reviewed Lisa Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Only hiked up to the base of the first waterfall. Don't have any experience rock climbing or scrambling so I didn't even consider trying to get to the upper falls. If I ever learn I will go back and attempt the full hike. If you want a short, shady hike with a waterfall then try this one and just go to the base of the first waterfall. It was pretty nice just sitting on the big rocks at the falls. If you want some more hiking you can go across the road too and hike around..... pretty nice river down there.

    keith favara completed Lisa Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    keith favara reviewed Cecret Lake from Albion Basin

    about 1 year ago

    was going to the cecret lake trail due to reviews, but got to the booth next to Alta ski resort and after they told me that the paved portion of the road ends and you need to pay i decided to go the free route and go to the ski resort which was free. Glad I did...I started up the trail from the ski resort not knowing what to expect or where I was going really. After hiking up the first trail with wild flowers all around I realized that just up the road a bit was the start of the cecret lake trail so I combined the two....the weather was great.....alot cooler than in the valley and the lake was pretty cool too. For me it was a pretty tough hike.... easily the most elevation that I have gained on a hike(I just moved to Sandy a few days ago) and close to the longest, but well worth it. By not driving up to the cecret lake trail head parking area I saved some dough....got more exercise, saw wild flowers that I wouldn't have seen and I still got to see cecret lake. I am more proud of this than I would have been as I don't think too many people hiked up to the lake from the resort. Bring some water and some food and take your time if needed. On a side note.... there are some geocaches around this hike if you are into that. oh....and when you get back from your hike you can grab a bite to eat in the resort, relax and enjoy the air conditioning and look at the pics you took.

    keith favara completed Cecret Lake from Albion Basin

    about 1 year ago

    keith favara reviewed Turtle Rock Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    nice hike....really like seeing the rock climbers out there. We did go off the trail for a while....wound up on the hill/mountain next to turtle rock then realized we didn't have have an easy way to get back to the parking lot so we made our way back to the trail and and finished it up. No matter if you stay on the trail or venture off a bit it's worth the trip out here especially if you are not used to seeing the giant rocks....it's pretty amazing seeing them for the first time....and after the first time it's pretty darn good too.

    keith favara completed Turtle Rock Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    keith favara added trails hiked

    about 1 year ago