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    Member Since June 2017

    Katie Tomich


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    Katie Tomich completed Ramsey Cascades Trail

    14 days ago

    Katie Tomich reviewed East Mesa Trail and Observation Point

    14 days ago

    I've done this in March and in September. It was snowing in March, don't do without crampons and poles. We were the only ones on the trail and it was awesome.

    Katie Tomich reviewed Angels Landing Trail

    20 days ago

    So crowded but unique experience . Giant scary spider almost made me fall over the edge.

    Katie Tomich completed Angels Landing Trail

    20 days ago

    Katie Tomich reviewed South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge

    20 days ago

    Only Grand Canyon hike done in mid September- would do again with more time.

    Katie Tomich reviewed Baldface Trail

    20 days ago

    Hiked in early July. Little bit of a scramble before the south summit - not sure how a dog would maneuver it.

    The south summit quite literally left me speechless as you don’t get your view until you get right to the top-and it’s magical. Very windy so don’t even try talking up there.

    Didn’t have my boots-big mistake. Very slippery the entire way down, fell every minute or so.

    Katie Tomich completed Baldface Trail

    20 days ago

    Katie Tomich reviewed Mount Cammerer via Low Gap Trail

    20 days ago

    Fun hike , completed quickly. Ran into a handful of people through out. Like LeConte better. Did in mid November - stayed warm in just a long sleeved shirt , snow in some parts . Very pretty.

    Katie Tomich reviewed Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte

    20 days ago

    Favorite peak in the smokies so far. Multiple points at the top for views - had it to ourselves in November.

    Katie Tomich saved Cory Pass

    20 days ago

    Katie Tomich added Honeymoon

    8 months ago