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    Katie Nolte reviewed Cinder Path

    17 days ago

    This trail is very well maintained in both counties, however Wayne County side of the trail is grass. When I biked the trail, the grass was mowed short and we are in a draught so it was pretty much all dead. According to my Garmin it is 15.5 miles from Chariton to Humeston. 10 miles to Derby from Chariton. This is on an old rail line so the sites are nice and they do have areas to rest on the way (some are in need of repair). I would highly recommend the trail for trail running, biking, walking and best of all, dogs are allowed.

    Katie Nolte completed Cinder Path

    17 days ago

    Katie Nolte reviewed Barfield Wilderness Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    Our family is visiting Tennessee from Iowa and found this trail. My three and six year olds hiked the full length trail and loved it! I definitely recommend this trail for all to see, there are even some hidden gems along the way :)