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    Member Since October 2017

    Katie Hendrychs

    Williams Bay, Wisconsin 

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    Katie Hendrychs reviewed Mission Reservior

    4 months ago

    Always hard to get accurate info when hiking on the rez, and this trail followed suit. As of 5/11/19, the road to the trailhead is full of big potholes. I got my Honda Pilot through without issues, and the smallest car I saw parked at the trailhead was a Honda CRV. A big section of steep snow blocked us getting to the very end of the trail, but we were able to take a picture by the falls. My GPS watch tracked the one-way distance as closer to 2.7 miles to where we had to stop. The elevation gain listed here is totally off. It was closer to 1,300 feet total, most of which was in the last .8 miles going up. We hiked with our 16 month-old in a hiking backpack, and that was rather dicey on the way down. I had to slide on my butt in a few spots, and it was so steep that I had a hard time making it a controlled slide. I would not try this trail with young kids. There were some shady sections, but we got more sun than we planned on. If it's a hot day, this will be a toasty trail. The views were beautiful, but be prepared for that long steep section and great elevation gain than this site mentions.

    Katie Hendrychs completed Mission Reservior

    4 months ago

    Katie Hendrychs reviewed St. Mary and Virginia Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    We couldn't find parking at this trailhead, so we drove on to Sun Point and hiked to Baring Falls, St. Mary Falls, and the Virginia Falls. The trail was fairly level and highly trafficked, but that seems normal for the easier Glacier hikes. We at least don't worry about bears as much with lots of people around. We loved Virginia Falls and liked the access to view the falls from several different spots. Lake views are beautiful between Sun Point and St. Mary Falls thanks to a wildfire a few years ago.