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    Member Since September 2017

    katie butler Pro-red@3x

    Moab, Utah 

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    katie butler reviewed High Falls and Triple Falls Tour

    5 days ago

    Really lovely park and trails. Plenty well-traveled on a Monday. Nice job separating bikes and peds. Gorgeous waterfalls and viewpoints. Clean and well-stocked toilets around Triple Falls (I think?). Nice that folks can bring their dogs, but the smell of uncollected dog waste is pretty prevalent. The dogs (and their people) I saw were well-behaved, but I’m guessing all are not. Nice workout depending on the pace you set.

    katie butler reviewed Peregrine Peak via Alum Cave Bluffs Trail

    5 days ago

    Wow. This is one of the most beautiful trails I’ve seen. There are more majestic trails in Yosemite, Tetons, etc., but this trail is a beautiful gem. I clocked 5.8 on mileage bc I searched for (and failed to find) the summit.

    katie butler completed M Trail

    8 days ago

    katie butler completed Hidden Falls Trail

    8 days ago