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    Member Since November 2017

    Kathy McMenamin Pro-red@3x

    Moab, Utah 

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    Kathy McMenamin reviewed Royal Arch Trail

    13 days ago

    Just a note on all the “dog friendly” reviews. Yes dogs are allowed off leash BUT only if you have obtained the proper tag from the Boulder County Open Space and Parks Dept . To be off leash your dog needs to obey voice or hand commands and should not be allowed to just run wherever they please. If your dog is going to fight with other dogs (as mentioned in one review) do not let them off leash. If your dog is going to run after wildlife - same. If you are unable to get your dog to return to heel so that they do not potentially trip other hikers - leave them at home! I love dogs and even own one. He stays on leash and we yield to all hikers (up or down) when we go out TOGETHER. If dog owners don’t properly control their animals we are all going to lose the privilege of having our dogs on the trail.

    Kathy McMenamin completed Royal Arch Trail

    13 days ago

    Kathy McMenamin saved Pawnee Peak

    about 1 month ago

    Kathy McMenamin completed Lathrop Canyon Trail

    over 1 year ago