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    Kathryn Samai

    Sarasota, Florida 

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    Kathryn Samai reviewed Kasteelspoort to Upper Cable Station Via Echo Valley

    21 days ago

    Note: our hike was a late winter (Aug) hike with perfect cool sunny weather. This is one of the most beautiful hikes I've done and definitely worth choosing this route over some of the others if you have the time. I recommend leaving early, packing lunch, and taking the Cable cars down if you are a slower hiker or want to preserve your knees.
    Start at the Theresa Rd parking area and proceed as most have stated (Jeep trail, pipe track to Kasteelspoort to cable cars by way of valley of a few valleys and signs leading to plattelklip gorge trail). Definitely use this app or a person who knows the trail, there are a couple spots where you may loose the trail or end up on the diagonal trail (which is a steep downhill). Carry plenty of water or a Sawyer for the creek about 1/3 way in. if you have time route by the reservoirs and stop to see all the amazing vistas, fynbos, and flowers. Don't rush through those incredible views!
    There are 3 ladders, a few very easy scrambles, and no real exposures. The distance from the Flat rock or end of Kasteelspoort to the Cable cars is much longer than you think and involves a lot of ups and downs. Aka the top of table mountain, is not that flat. Lol. I heard it could take less than an hour, but that would be a slow run or something. I had a less in-shape friend with me, it took almost double the time for her due to needing breaks. I say this bc I found some sites saying this was easy for all fitness levels and that is true, but a 3-4 hour hike becomes closer to 6-7 hours.
    I am a pretty fit person, but live in FL so mountain hikes are a luxury, that being said, at a slow pace, it's not a difficult hike, but it is longer than some of the others. In my opinion, the vistas are worth the time. You pass a few people on the trail, mostly local trail runners.
    Once you get to table mountain, the city bowl is amazing, but there are lots of people. So this trail let's you appreciate that quiet solitude on trail. Sorry for the long review, just hope it helps.

    Kathryn Samai saved Pipe Track

    27 days ago