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    Kathleen Gilbreath added 11/18/17

    7 months ago

    Kathleen Gilbreath added Enid Lake

    10 months ago

    Kathleen Gilbreath updated Lookout Mountain Trail to Buffalo Bill's Grave

    10 months ago

    Kathleen Gilbreath added Saphire Point

    10 months ago

    Kathleen Gilbreath added Gold Hill

    10 months ago

    Kathleen Gilbreath reviewed Beaver Lake Trail

    10 months ago

    GORGEOUS hike! So many tall wildflowers in beautiful hues of purples, oranges, yellows, and reds covered the slopes as well as tall green soft grasses. It was cool to see the trees change from Aspen to pine as we climbed in elevation. There's beautiful Aspen groves that you walk through at the beginning 1/3 of the trail.

    When we got to the lake it was so calm and still with a little waterfall at the end. The water is freezing cold but definitely refreshing after hiking straight up for over 3 miles. It was so clear you could spot all sorts of trout hanging out near the shadows as well as a few big fallen trees that were submerged just below the surface.

    Awesome hike and I highly recommend doing it on a hot day. Lots of shade and natural beauty everywhere you look.

    Kathleen Gilbreath added Mt. Hood Pt II

    11 months ago