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    Member Since December 2016

    Katarina Lewis

    Denver, Colorado 

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    Katarina Lewis reviewed Saint Mary's Glacier

    6 days ago

    I mean it’s literally one of the best. Short intense hike up to the lake but after that - holy frijoles - you literally can’t dream up the beauty. Great for bringing a snack or lunch to enjoy by the lake and perfect for all types of photography. It’s Colorado wrapped up in less than a mile hike.

    Katarina Lewis reviewed Red Rocks and Anemone Loop

    7 days ago

    Fun quick hike with great and vastly different views. Steep incline parts - short but intense. Slippery.

    Katarina Lewis reviewed Range View, Ute, May's Point, and Boy Scout Trail Loop

    7 days ago

    Did this in May and it was a lot of fun! Great mix of tree and sun and Mays point is a perfect hidden gem. Highly suggest for someone looking for a quick fun hike with views and forest.

    Katarina Lewis reviewed Evergreen Mountain Trail

    10 days ago

    Loved this hike! It’s a total gem. Beautiful dappled lighting in the forest. Make sure to take the scenic view trail for a nice spot to overlook Evergreen Lake and enjoy a snack before you hit the summit. The summit is fantastic with views of Mt.Evans. But let’s keep it on the DL with this trail - it’s my new fav.

    Katarina Lewis saved Anemone Loop

    11 days ago

    Katarina Lewis reviewed Maxwell Falls Lower Trail

    13 days ago

    Follow the loop via All Trails and not the advice of your fellow hikers at the 4 way cross. Gorgeous hike! Brought the family from Texas and they had the full Colorado experience of 90 and sunny no clouds to hail storm after hail storm on the way out. Pure laughs and adventure! Awesome points to stop and sit amongst the trees enjoying some water in multiple spots on the trail.

    Katarina Lewis saved Mallory Cave

    13 days ago