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    Pete Eyrewortzel reviewed McDonald Mountain Trail

    6 months ago

    This was the first hike of the year and reminded me why I should get off of the couch a bit more in the winter time. I like the fact that it's a "gradual" climb gaining a little over 2000 ft in about 4 miles. Don't get me wrong it still kicked my butt, but then again I'm not great shape. The first mile or so was a trail with dips and rises every now and again. Kept things interesting. After coming out into the first clearing there were great views of Rattlesnake Ledge and Mt Si. Going up a bit further we could actually see the Seattle Skyline off to the north.

    The rest of the hike was a service road which was actually kind of nice as we could walk side by side and talk (more like strongly encourage each other to keep moving up the mountain). For those who like small victories to keep yourself going, watch out for the yellow power line makers as you continue up the service road past the second blue gate. To be honest towards the end I was wondering why I started such an adventure, but I would just look to the yellow marker and tell myself to get to that one, then rest and make it to the next one. Then before you know it your at the top. Yay!!

    If you veer right at the top you'll find the power station. The views are pretty good, but there is a much better view. Before you turn the corner and see the station their will be an overgrown logging road on your left. It's a little hard to see and looks like just a small trail. Follow this path for a little bit and watch out for an even smaller train on your right. It slopes down onto a small ledge. If you walk out there you will see the beautiful valley and if it's clear there is a great view of Mt Rainier. It 's one of those moments that reminds me why I live in the PNW and put up with all the rain.

    This hike was quite the workout but the views are well worth it.

    Pete Eyrewortzel added Wish List

    7 months ago